Managing fatigue

Anyone have any tips on managing it? I have a baby who is 13 months, I work 30 hours a week over 4 days. I have Fridays off but just have no energy to do anything except the basics, it’s my recovery day from working really. I am married but hubbie works really long hours so is only really around to help at the weekend, however he is doing up our house up so that keeps him busy. At the weekends im just as tired as if we go out eg shopping, i just need to rest when we get back. I just don’t know how to stay on top of everything. Can’t afford a cleaner.

I’m in a similar situation. Work 30hrs over 4days and hubby does long hours. Come weekends I am absolutely shattered. I have 2 kids in primary school so have homework and kids activities as well to try and fit in. To be honest I just start with most important job like laundry then work down as to what I can do some weeks that’s only laundry. I’m currently in limbo. Axx

Thanks. I think I’ve got some of those publications! I’ll have to dig them out. Pre baby whenever it was bad I’d just rest, but now I’ve got my son there is no rest time available! If im not working then When he naps I try to get the housework done. I can’t reduce my hours unfortunately Jennifer - I returned to work after maternity leave on reduced hours from my previous full time hours. I wanted 23 hours but they would only agree 30. It’s a trial period and I know they will say I need to go back to full time as my manager keeps going “this isn’t working” whenever I’m in after my day off, and going on and on about how busy it was without me there, as if to guilt trip me.

Laura I totally understand your problems. I too have a baby and a full time job. My husband helps a bit but doesn’t really understand much. he doesnt understand dinner not being cooked and house being a mess when he gets home. I can’t take any sick leave either and I have to hide my illness. It’s so tough. My first episode was when my daughter was only 10 weeks old. Balance,vision,headache and walk. I then went back to work hoping it was just isolated but then in June I developed ON. I have now received my diagnosis. Fatigue is my biggest issue right now. My neuro has strongly advised i take time off now as I’m not recovering well from the ON but I’m afraid ill loose my job. I’m also afraid ill loose my husband. I feel like the worst wife ever. I have no energy. I can’t cook or clean or go out with him. He didn’t sign up for this. I’m no fun. He has already seen me through one life threatening illness and the recovery but I feel he can’t do anymore. I think he worries about me losing my job and bills piling up too but he wouldn’t tell me. I started trying to rest more at weekends but its not enough. I can’t afford a cleaner either . Seems like I’m highjacking your thread but I’m only trying to point out that I’m in same boat as you. Maybe that helps?!! Hope your baby helps you through the hard days. My daughter although exhausting is my proudest achievement. I just hope I remain we’ll enough to be a good mum to her and maybe even give her a baby sister/brother… Sending you lots of energy filled hugs. Love Lilly xxx Ps I’m on modanafil for fatigue but I’m not sure if it helps. Maybe a little…

A little tip we do is to cook double of everything, so that we can have the leftovers the next day for an easy meal. And every now & then we’ll cook a massive pot of something like a chilli or curry or stew, then divide it up into portions to freeze for another easy option for dinner.


I agree with Arwen, you need to prioritise and start with the most important things and other things have to wait. I have two small kids and we run our own business too and it is so knackering. I would be SO happy to have a nap or even a little rest in the day but it just never happens!

Here are my coping strategies

Agree with he_funk, batch cook, get a slow cooker so that half the days you don’t have to put much effort in to dinner.

I find I need to get things done in the morning or they don’t get done cause I run out of steam. While I’m getting the kids ready I do the dishwasher and laundry, that way the main things are out of the way.

Any time you CAN rest, do. Build time in for it if you can.

I find I only have a certain amount of time I can stand up, so I try to plan my days accordingly, if I do the supermarket, I can’t also manage taking kids to the park etc.

Your boss doesn’t sound very understanding, do you have an HR dept you can talk to?

Oh yeah I forgot I love my slow cooker as I thriw pre chopped stuff in before work stick it on low and dinner ready when I get in. Axx

This might sound daft but I have 2 sets of everything … Like v-pillow or glasses. Also I put the laundry basket at top of stairs for hubby to carry down in a morning, then I put all clean stuff back in it for him to carry back up at night. I never go upstairs unless I really need to as its draining. If I do go up, I never go up empty handed. I do the batch cooking, and also make stews in the slow cooker… Its so handy when you have a day when you just can’t summon up the energy to cook. Finally frozen veg and or frozen mash is every bit as nutritious as fresh and is a great standby to add to a frozen portion of stew. I agree that online shopping saves a huge amount of energy and well worth the delivery charge. I don’t have young children but simple things like having a seat in the bathroom so that you can rest whilst they play in the bath… In you should have a seat in every room so that you can rest your legs whilst completing jobs like ironing. Every smidge of energy saved can be used for the fun stuff like taking the kids to the park. I’m tired now thinking about it. Lol

Thank you for all your comments and advise, they’re really helpful xx