Man Buns I saw this and had to share

I don’t know where the craze for men to wear their hair in a Man Bun came from. My fashion sense or need about 1975 so I cannot lay claim to being a fashion guru but Man buns I ask you. I posted this on my Disabled Don blog earlier. I cannot lay claim to it I found it on the world’s wide web an just thought that’s me

Go on have a look you know you want to.

Been a really beautiful day here in Margate and looks to be set fair for the weekend.


Hahaha Don brilliant ! That has made me chuckle … I cannot agree with you enough ! … your blog once again serves to ensure common sense prevails … x

I once had blond streaks in my hair when a teenager. I thought I would look like a punk muscisian. How wrong I was! Luckily they quickly grew out.