Making yourself tick

Greetings fellow humans & kept pets.

Just been jamming on my sound equipment, to take my mind off a bad health issue.

Also been looking at camper van conversion ideas & plots of land for sale.

It’s worked. We can’t escape the reality of attention seeking idiots, but we can keep out their way. Mentally, that is.

Off to buy some grub now, to feed the growling tummy. Something yummy & gummy.

Take it easy out there & find your release.


Found mine at the garden centre today and being out with my lovely carer Bev and my pap pap Billy.

Campervans are an ideal way of escapism. We did that for several years!


I keep looking at them, I miss my van. Very handy vehicles. My car is full with a bit of shopping.

I want a kayak & a circus tent, with a mountain bike strapped on the back.

I real drive out, not to the corner shop & mugged, by a gang of opportunistic time wasters, when I fall over.

Happy days