Making a walking stick

I was given a load of Twisted Hazel branches, when I inquired about making my own walking stick.

After seeing the price of hand made walking sticks on Ebay, I thought it could become a useful skill, to add to the creative way of life I’ve followed since birth. Sitting in the sun, milling away on a twig & thinking of a theme. So therapeutic.

Clamping the headphones on & going hell for leather. It’s actually a simple way to exercise too & train the brain for dexterity. Plus it gets you visiting the local DIY store & an avalanche of ideas kicks off.

Then the neighbours come out & start talking shit. So you switch off & have some lunch.

The life of Terry.

Well done Terry . I bet it looks good. Did it take you long to make ? Michelle x

Terry, the creative side keeps me sane.

I have a freezer full of home made food, an active blog page, sketch books full of stuff and five unpublished novels.

In my past life I was a musician and wrote and produced nine musicals for children.

My ex in-laws thought I was a useless lump but at least I get out of the house.

Happy creations.


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Cutting the stick to size & grinding it to a comfy grip was the easy part.

Deciding on which Celtic design to carve & what wire to imbed, is the time consuming part.

Then the stain & patina. From oils, wax & dye. After some scorching from a blow torch.

It could evolve into anything & take a while. Looking at how many other sticks there is. I might get side tracked by animals & plant life designs. I’ve already broke one knife blade & the grinder is messy. I need some face masks too. My graffiti spray stencil masks are overkill, for a bit of dust. It will keep me busy for a while, no doubt.

The weather is an issue too. I like it much cooler than yesterday. I needed the sticks support more than ever.

It reminding me how bad my PPMS has become. Especially when listening to the local dribble, talking about the force fed news. The health issues make me very tetchy, hearing folks whine about their self inflicted, imaginary problems.

Thankfully I can drive somewhere peaceful, if needs must.

Stay cool, calm & collected Michelle. Follow your passions.

I learned how to use a load of electronic equipment for sound production & it attracted kids like flies.

I’m still very caught up by it, but the idiots it attracts, I didn’t factor in to the venture. They thought I was going to allow them to use my stuff to promote their agenda. I made my guitar playing brother sound like a genius & he wanted all my equipment. I gave him a piece of kit, that suited his stance & he treated it like rubbish. I’ll keep what’s mine in the future.

We can’t pass what we learn to those with narrow minds, for quick fix solutions to their dream.

I gave my son all my Airbrush equipment. It’s now been sat in a shed for 4 years. It took me 4 years to accumulate & master.

Gave an ex, all my T-shirt equipment, to start a business & she sold it. People just want, what others do. Sad, but true.

This stick venture will give me peace of mind hopefully. Although it has reminded me of all the sculpting equipment I have. Yet another pastime I mastered, which became abused. Dumb folks abuse things.

Let people be…

Take it easy Steve. Give yourself a break & do your thing. Anything to keep busy & away from further problems.

Best regards, Terry