Makes a lot of sense


A friend of mine pointed this out to me Multiple sclerosis 'linked to food bug' - BBC News.

It makes a lot of sense, I got food posoining coming back from a friend’s 40th at the end of 2006. I then started getting symptoms the following year and then had a massive attack at the start of 2008.

Anbody else have a similar experience?



p.s. has anybody had kidney stones from taking high dose vit d3? I had them recently and I was wondering if it was the vitd3 that has caused it i.e. increased adsorption of Calcium.

The news story- reported in the Daily Mail with the headline ‘FOOD causes MS’ has led to our research, social media and press teams working overtime. The headlines are much more exciting than the facts.

It’s a very small study and requires much more research before anything conclusive could be drawn from it.

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Stewart (admin)

Thanks Stewart. I did see the article on this site afterwards. It’s interesting, it does fit in with my disease progression.

Hello WelshBoy

I have mentioned on another link, that taking high doses of vitd over long periods, can cause more calcium to be absorbed than what the body can excrete. Which could result in kidney damage. I don’t know if this is what happened in your situation.

Always a good idea to have your blood levels checked.


Definitely a good idea to get blood levels checked. As mine are tested on rebif I asked for vitamin d levels to be done every time. The first showed massive amounts of vitamin d, too much…my levels have on,y just at my last test two weeks ago got to the correct levels. This has taken seven months. Although I’m not sure if we msers are meant to have higher vitamin d anyway but my initial levels were just silly high. Xxx

Thanks, I’ll do that. The kidney stones were really painful. Just what you need really. :slight_smile:

I have just read the article and it does seem very familiar.I had what I was told to be the norovirus around 4 years ago then started developing what now know to be ms symptoms I had been visiting my Gp with various symptoms such as numbness strange warm feeling in my limbs and really bad itching but I was told it was trapped nerves in my spine and neck,this went on for a few years until I had an attack and was persuaded by my wife to change Gp which the reason I now know I have ms. Jonesbear.