Kidney Stones


i was wondering if any of you has ever had kidney stones. I went into hospital with recurring UTIs a few weeks ago. They scanned me and I have a large kidney stone, which was the cause of the UTIs.My MS has worsened quite a lot over the past few years, and I am wondering how much of this was a result of the stone - which the doctor said I have had for a long time.

I am having an operation to get rid of the stone in a few weeks, and I am rather looking forward to seeing how much my MS will improve without it. Any thoughts?

Taken into hospital beginning of this year with kidney stones, urologist put it down to the high dose of Vit D3 that I was taking.

Since then I’ve started taking the D3 with Vit K2 (MK7), this was advised by the urologist and an Haematologist that I spoke to.

Apparantly taking high dose of Vit D by itself can lead to kidney stones as it causes build up of calcium in tissues.

The Vit K can help the Vit D to be broken down an absorbed correctly.

Hi Bostick

I’ve got kidney stones, though only small ones. The specialist is happy to just monitor it with a scan every few months. No one’s mentioned to me that they have any effect on the MS, and to be honest I’m not sure how they could make any difference. But a UTI won’t do you any favours, so reducing the risk of that is definitely worth doing.


Might find this interesting.

Theres lots of info on the web regarding Fidney stones and MS.

Yeah jactac that research was from the US. Kidney stones are more likely to be affected by diet.

When I had mine both the Consultant Urologist and a Haematologist said it was probably caused by the high dose of Vit D3 .

The Haematologist also said that stones can be common in people with MS.

Whether this was due to many people with MS taking high doses of Vit D3 he did not know ?

Hi Jactac, that’s interesting to know the D3 can cause stones, I never knew that. What dose K2 do you take?


Just to add …

My Consultant removed a few bladder stones which he discovered during my SPC op.

I have only ever taken minimal Vit D (25mg) per day!

A lot of MS folk are taking Vit D3/Vit K. How have you benefited?


I can clearly remember the day I was diagnosed with RRMS and the consultant saying “If I were in that seat right now being told I had MS I would start taking high dose of Vit D3 straight away”

Those were his exact words.

I started on the dose he recommended, 5000iu, 6 years on I’m SPMS, slowing getting worse and I haven’t missed a day of taking the 5000iu of Vit D3.

Many times I’ve asked him is it worth taking the VitD3 as it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

His reply is always the same, "How do you know it’s not helping, you may be even further along without it "

Personally I’m NOT a believer in the Vit D link.

I’m more leaning towards there being a possible family gene mutation link, but that’s only because of the MS running through my family .

Others will argue that they are the only ones with MS in their family, my argument to that is, you are the only one at that particular time !

MS could strike at anytime and any age, theres nothing to say that MS is not laying dormant in other family members !

My sister was just turning 50, my cousin was 22, her sister 48, me 49 .

Those are the ages that we were diagnosed, but we’ve all agreed that when we look back many many years before being diagnosed we can all think of occasions that odd intermittent things were going on with our bodies that could well of been the MS just surfacing it’s ugly head and then going back into its dormant stage.

We are all under the same consultant and he agrees that the MS was probably always there just waiting to burst out in all its glory.

Yet he’s not a massive believer in the family link argument !

We however as a family are not convinced of that though !

Hi Jactac

I was dx’d 2012… now SPMS and wheelchair dependent. Just trying to keep my ms progression at bay! With the help of


Hey the sun has just come out! There’s my smidgen of Vit D!

Personally I have cousins with ms (all of us female and Scottish)…so believe hereditary factors contribute to this ms malarkey!

Take care.

I’ve been taking D3 for years, without any Vit K. I have no kidney stones (had that confirmed recently with a cystoscopy and ultrasound scan).

I too have been becoming more disabled as the years have gone by. I’m not going to stop taking the D3 - just in case.