Potassium level

Hi everyone , just had a phone call from the MS nurse she had taken bloodworks in preparation for starting copaxone but she said my bloods show high potassium levels so they can’t start me on copaxone in case something else is going on has anyone else had unusually high levels of potassium?

i’ve never had word back from my bloods saying that.

i actually take a potassium supplement, it helps with cramp and spasms

carole x

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Do you eat lots of bananas/tomatoes or oranges? All contain lots of potassium. I have renal failure (as well as ms) and usually have a reading of about 6 so have to reduce these things in my diet. A high potassium level (which is left untreated) can cause problems with the heart and how it beats. Potassium is useful with ms though as already mentioned as it can help with muscle cramp. I did read somewhere (on a renal help site i think) that a false high potassium level could sometimes happen if a blood sample wasn’t tested soon enough after being taken. Hope you get sorted

Thanks for replying guys I don’t eat loads of the foods mentioned but I am a bit overweight I’m not huge just a bit cuddly i have to get more bloods next week to check levels but for now they have put the brakes on the DMD typical eh

Hi just logged in and really interested in you high potassium levels. Doctor telephoned me and now 3 blood tests later my potassium is still too high. Just wondered what the outcome was as it is now 4 years on. Hope all is well and you finally got to take your dmd’s. Best wishes xx

My potassium levels were high when I was recently admitted for kidney stones. However, I’m not really sure if having kidney stones and high levels of potassium is connected, but a blood test did suggest the levels were high. The urologist just briefly mentioned the potassium levels in his explanation regarding what was going on.

lillbill, as you’ll know if you’ve had to see the dreaded renal dietician, potassium is in a lot of foods. If your kidneys are working properly, or don’t work at all you will likely be on dialysis. As has been said, a build up of potassium can be fatal, so they keep a check on that.

My partner has kidney disease and potassium is also in chocolate, coffee, dark green veg, mushrooms, tomatoes, potato s, I could go on but its depressing! Even worse is when they sneak it in stuff! Labelling has to tell you how much fat and salt is in prepared food but not potassium. You become a person who goes round Tesco obsessively reading labels. …