I haven’t been feeling very well, nausea and a strained feeling when i coughed or moved in my right side. My gp took loads of blood tests and i have to get my potassium re checked tomorrow. I always google and i have freaked myself out about my kidneys now. Every twinge/pain etc i am convincing myself i have some sort of kidney problem. I am making myself worse with worry.

Try to resist Google Zipster, I know it’s difficult, I’ve been tempted too, but it can be done.

There’s an old saying: ’ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. Keep it in mind, eh!

Good luck with tomorrow’s test.


Hello Zipster

Try not to worry too much.

Medication can interfere with blood results or the sample itself could have been naffed up…for want of a better word

I am not against reading up and gaining knowledge but just make sure you use good reliable websites.

Take care xx