Maintaining fitness?

Hi all,

my wife was diagnosedwith R&R back in 1990; through the early 90’s she was pretty bad with mobility etc but slowly improved into the noughties, to the extent that she was able to walk short distances unaided and do most things for herself. Recently she is experiencing mobility, speech and coordination problems as well as bladder issues etc. Have tried to find some guidance on possible mobility related exercise (low impact obviously) but with the exception of the usual swimming and seated aerobics type classes haven’t found very much else; do any of you have or know of an exercise regime which show’s benefit etc?

Thnaks in advance


Hello, Is there a possibility of your wife being referred to a Physio at your local hospital? I was referred by my Neuro and have to do 20 minutes of closely supervised exercise. I am at the start, so I do 2 minutes on each machine followed by balance type floor work, I.e. step ups, standing on one leg for a count of 10 etc. I have been in the gym with different people with varying abilities, with/without aids. It is most reassuring. I have found it most beneficial despite it being weird having a Physio watching over me whist exercising! I hope she finds something to suit her. Sam x

Hi Liffy - Stretching as directed by a physio would be very good, if you can get yor Mrs refered…


just been chatting with friend from local MS Branch; they now have physio led sessions every week followed by tea and biscuits - probably should have asked them first but hey ho. Thanks for the posts always appreciated, best regards


pilates is very good, most physio exercises are based on pilates

carole x