Magnesium citrate

Hey lovely people

Sorry I haven’t been around…been on a bit of a rollercoaster!

To those having a bit of a time of it…lots of hugs

To those having a better time…lots of hugs too.

Does anyone take magnesium citrate? My neuro physio has recommended I take it.

Thank you



Hi Oohnagh… had to do a google and got this:

So it appears to be a strong laxative. Is that why you’ve been prescribed it? Be interested to know if it works ok? I go through periods of bad constipation & then suddenly I’m regular again… so typical of this strange thing called MS!

How are you doing hon? Are you still working from home?

Nice to see you on here,

Pat x

Sorry Oonagh… spelt your name wrong…

Pat x

LOL! No its not for constipation, its to help with my muscle cramps. It helps to relax muscles as far as I know. It does have a laxitive effect when taken in higher doses so I’ve read. Re constipation I’m like you, constipated one minute, regular the next (but I’ve always been like this).I use duclolax if I need to (senecot did not agree with me! (sorry mods if I shouldn’t be mentioning brand names).

Hope you’re well Pat.


Hi hon, I think it’s ok to mention brand names… I always do…

Of much greater importance is why this post has suddenly gone into italics!!! LOL…

Hope it helps your muscle cramps. Re constipation… I use senna, lots of fruit, strong coffee, porridge… and I always seem to need to go when my cleaner is cleaning the bathroom…

In bed today. Feel as if I’m on a boat in choppy waters. Hey ho… shame there’s not a duty-free shop…

Pat x

I have been taking 325mg of magnesium for years and it definitely helps with spasm and cramp. It only acts as a laxative in higher doses, so best take it easy when finding your level.

Have you tried golden linseeds to avoid constipation?

Hey Oonagh, How are you doing? What’s happening with your bladder? Teresa xx

Hi Pat,

Hope you’re feeling a bit better today? I’m still working from home and am going to ask my GP to sign me back to work on the 1st Feb. Basically I will be doing a very slow phased return to work; working from home and in the lab. I’ve no idea if I’m going to be able to do it but I won’t know until I try.Btw, loved your italic comment .



Hi Whammel, I shall take your advice thank you…I have 250mg capsules so shall take one a day for now. It’s sooooo annoying how expensive they are!

Re golden linseeds, I’ve used linseed in cereal but wasn’t quite sure how else to use them. Any suggestions?

Thank you Whammel



Hi Teresa,

How you doing? I’m still ‘with catheter’ Saw neuro urologist on Tuesday and she said she doesn’t think its the gabapentin that caused the retention. I’m waiting for another appointment for flow rate and residual scan. If it turns out it and ms problem they will also show mw how to self catheterise. Bit annoyed as the appointment I went to was supposed to be 2 hours long and they were supposed to do the tests then…hey ho, what can you do!

Also had a lovely incident last night, was just getting ready for Burns night, haggis in oven, tatties and neeps on the go, a nice wee dram of Glayva poured. You get the picture I walk in the kitchen and the valve on my catheter decides to come off!! Commence me trying to get down the stairs as quickly as my poor little legs will carry me whilst peeing all the way LOL! I’m just so glad I was at home!

Still had a lovely night once we got everything sorted



Hello Oonah, I get my magnesium from and they cost £6.95 for ninety 375mg tablets, which I don’t think is too bad.

Like you, I pop a tablespoon full of linseed in my porridge and find that does the trick, but apparently they can be used in stir-fries, or sprinkled on a salad. Sadly, I am not terribly imaginative with food and don’t tend to experiment much.

Hi Oonagh, How annoying that they didn’t do all the tests they were supposed to. It just means everything gets pushed back and you have to wait longer for an appointment! Sorry about your catheter valve - these things choose the worse times possible to go wrong! Still, glad you had a successful Burns night! Fingers crossed that you get sorted soon. Honestly, self-catheterisation is not the end of the world. It has improved my life no end! Take care, Teresa xx

Hi Whammel,

Had a bit of a read about linseed; one woman said she has a couple of tablespoons of linseed then drinks plenty of water (don’t really fancy that) I only sprinkle linseed on my cereal so will start putting more in, also I love cooking and cook Indian, Thai, Mexicon, Italian etc etc so am sure I can incorporate linseed into some of these meals. Thanks again for your advice, its much appreciated.



PS will look at am hoping they do capsules as I’m absolutely rubbish at taking tablets.

Whammel I shall buy some linseeds!!! (in fact I’ll write it on my little blackboard right now or will be forgotten within 5 minutes!)

Oonagh… hope they get it sorted soon hon. I have a book of emails between a group of American women all with MS. They swear by self-catheterisation. Like Teresa they found it life-changing.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m out of bed today!!! Not dressed but definitely feeling better. Dizziness almost gone.

Love to all,

Pat xx

Glad you’re well enough to get up Pat and that the dizziness is almost gone. Take it easy though and don’t overdo it. Look after yourself, Teresa xx