a anyone else been put on this parkinsons med for tremour? i fEEL LLIKE A LAB RAT!


What dose are you on, Zelda?

The main ingredient in Madopar is Levodopa - and with Levodopa you are supposed to start on a minimum dose, and the work up to the smallest dose that works. It is possible that you have a dose that is too high for you.


ive only just started it geoff . my doc has never heard of it been used for ms tremour so i wondered if anyone has tried it.


I guess that this makes me the bearer of bad news, zelda, but have you actually been told what your diagnosis is yet?
If you have a tremor, what sort is it?

Intention tremor is like when you reach for something and your hand goes past it - and overshoots again when you bring it back. A sort-of slow out-of-control shake.

Essential tremor is when you have more of a rapid vibration - like a constant rapid twitch.

The first is typical MS, but the second is typical Parkinsons.

One way of diagnosing Parkinsons is to start the patient on a low dose of Madopar or Sinemet (the two standard Levodopa medications), and see if the condition stabilises.


i have both geoff and they assure me its ms. ive had ms for 18 years. its hell!


I did wonder (after I had posted) if a Neuro was using Madopar as a way of diagnosing Parkinsons, or to eliminate Parkinsons. I hope, zelda, that confirmed MS is the better option for you.

You see, my wife has PD, and I have MS, and we share most of our symptoms. I had so many tests, scans, examinations, etc, and she was diagnosed on the basis of the first lot of Sinemet. Now I guess that I am much worse than she is - but I don’t fall asleep in mid-sentence (frightening when I watched it happen the first time) and our stability problems are different. Otherwise, you would have a problem telling the difference.

Catching PD early is a bit like catching MS early, the medication can hold it where it is (I just wish I had started Copaxone when I was first told that I qualified) but with SPMS, that is not really an option for you.

But do come back and tell us how Madopar works on your tremors - it might help a lot of others.
Good luck