Mad bunch! Birthdays

Hi folks

I have been absent without leavetoungeBirthdays can be difficult cakebut I thought I'd share my birthday cake with this mad bunch that we are!  Welcome any 'cold callers' to this coolsite.

Take care, heartM

Hi M

Oh thanks, just what I felt like having a cup of tea and a nice slice of cake.cake I sound like Wurzel

Gummidge and Aunty Sally!!!!


Happy birthday by the way, hope you had a good 'unthumbsup


Have a good day everyonehappyflower



Oh there you are M!!! Great to see you on here. Thanks for cake... delicious tounge... and happybirthday

Yes birthdays can be difficult. Require energy that we are sadly lacking (like xmas... I've come to dread it!)

Hope you and all the gang are ok and keeping cool. I'm like a little mole in here. Blinds down. Fan on. confused But pleased that we are having some summer at last.

Pat x thumbsup