Its my birthday

Yep it’s that day again the thirteenth of October and I don’t quite how but this ten year old is 59 years of age

how did that happen?



Happy happy birthday Don! Are you doing anything nice? Going out for a nice birthday meal? Number 13 unlucky for some but not us on here. We’re lucky cos we’ve got you to give us advice and laughs like you do. Hope your day is a good one man! :smiley: x

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Happy Birthday Don, hope you have a lovely day despite the rain. Keep smiling, just as you keep us smiling on here.

Birthday hugs and kisses to you.


Jackie x

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Happy birthday Don have a lovely day

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Happy birthday Don, hope you have a lovely day

Lisa x

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Happy birthday Don,

i baked yesterday so heres a (virtual )chocolate birthday cupcake for you

hope you have a good day

J x

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Happy Birthday Don, hope you have a lovely day, despite the rain.

Pam x

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Happy Birthday many more to come granddaughters 1st yesterday. Wet windy here making buns in my brownie maker just put mix in 18 mins later all done brill as easy take care all regards Jan xx

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Happy birthday Don!!! Hope you have a fab day… I don’t know how it happens. I’m 61. I don’t know how that happened either.

Hope you’re having better weather then we are… very wet and dreary here… but if your birthday includes cake it doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing.

Love Pat xx

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Thanks folks justt popped on whilst Heather gone to collect Grandson from school. Got them all here for Takeaway tonite and my Sister in law backed me a chocolate cake


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Hi Don,

Happy birthday! Enjoy your takeaway and chocolate cake. Yummy!

Mags xx

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Happy birthday, Don, hope you have a good day.

Jo x

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Hi Don,

Happy birthday…have a great evening with everyone!

Love Nina x

Happy birthday Don. Hope the takeaway and cable are yummy and you had a lovely day with the family.

Cath x

I am stuffed and knackered off to bed thanks for all my birthday wishes its been a great day



Happy belated birthday Don.

Lucky you! take away and chocolate cake…heaven


Don, I posted yesterday but it seems to have been zapped, or gone into the ether, or something, so anyway, belated happy birthday for yesterday, glad you had a good one!

Belated birthday wishes, Don- hope you had a jolly day & the week continues to be happy, healthy and peaceful.

Stewart (admin)

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Sorry I’m late!!!

happy birthday my dear Don …mwoah

Polly xxxxx