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Hello all, am looking for an m.s. book or leaflet to explain to my elder son (I have 2 boys, 10 & 8) what m.s. is and how it affects me and us all. See, sob story is that their father has left me, but still in contact with the boys, and they worship him (boo!). But I am fine without him, in fact better! Without m.s. I would never have met my fave band, which I did through a charity that helps disabled people access music gigs. And now I have been invited to ANY u.K gig I can get to, and they are performing in my home city in April! But anyhoo I am looking for a book or leaflet to give to my son to read with me or someone else, that explains it a bit better! Because he told me he didn’t want to live, and blames my m.s. for messing it all up! Aaarrrggghhh! Please let me know if there is anything appropriate out there! Thank you! Xxx

Hi Sally,

Have a look at the website, and find the Illustrated View of MS section. There are some brilliant flashcards there. Each one deals with a separate symptom of MS in a fun and informative way.

Suitable for boys and girls of all ages, including that tit of a husband.

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My wife ordered a pack from the ms trust website, they have loads of info leaflets including ones with pictures for just pick what you want i think and they send the pack out.I am 44 years old and a whole lot more life experience than your son and often feel the same about my wife’s MS,Its probably better if he has such outbursts than bottling these feelings up? What band did you see? As well as my wife who has ms,my step daughter(22) is fully wheelchair dependant and we took her to see kaiser chiefs last year.More recently Me and our daughter went to see the kooks, cant remember what the criteria was but i registered her at our local venue and we both go for price of 1 ticket(free carer) so its a good deal and something we will try and do once or twice a year depending who plays there.

Have a look at

And thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to be married to an arse anymore.


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if your son is saying he doesn’t want to live because you have m.s. then you need some expert help to address this issue. We can explain what m.s. is and how it affects some people - what we can’t do is predict how it will affect us long term. And this unpredictability is the problem when discussing it with children. I’m sorry I have no idea how to resolve this problem.


I completely missed that part of the original post. I skimmed through and concentrated on the ‘explaining to children’ issue and ‘ex is a dick’ fact.

Sorry, and I’m glad you picked up on that Krakowian.



it might be better for me if I don’t show your post to my wife, she might get ideas…

Good info on helping kids understand.

as an ex techie - I used to try and explain in terms of a robot with a CPU (computer controlled) with wires & connections to important servo motors. I found this a bit easier than the auto-immune nervy stuff.