Information on MS for our daughter

Hi, I have been on her several times and written about coping with my husband who has PPMS but is deteriorating slowly. I now need advice/help.

Our 8 year old as started to struggle with the fact that her dad is unable to do things and in a wheelchair permanently, falls asleep easily and is unable to attend some of her activities because of practicalities. We are now trying to find a book/CD or someone/something that can explain to her more about what MS is and the effects etc, I have tried talking to her but I don’t even know that much, except my husband is going to end up bed bound/house bound because he will use the use of his hands etc in time.

Any help would be gratefully received. We were told that there may be a MS nurse or something locally that she could go to, to discuss things etc and find or more information, but I don’t know where to start to find out if there is or when and where.

Hi, the MS Society have a booklet & DVD explaining MS in a childs language , phone the Helpline or your local MS Branch they might run a young person’s group or young carer’s group respite. were children mix together. . Andy

Hi these links to the MS Trust. Two free guides/booklets about it. Kid’s guide to MS and Talking with your kids about MS. Can order booklets online or by phone or read PDF’s online.


Barts MS in London are running the following:

Digesting Science is our educational event for children aged 6-12 years old with a parent with MS. Our next event date is Saturday the 25th July and registration is now open!

The event starts at 10am and ends by 12.30pm and we have a short break half way through where we will provide refreshments.

If you, and your family are interested in attending, please send me ( an email and I can let you know more information. We also have funding to cover travel expenses if this is an issue. We space for 5 families to attend so please get in touch soon!

You can see what topics are discussed on the day from the event website: