so much to take in

Hi everyone, well after a two year battle my husband has just been dx with ppms. , as well as trying to get our heads around this i’m also trying to find out about benefits, hubby is on esa and we’ve been waiting since October last year for someone to come from PIP, to asses him. I work part time but because hubbby’s mobility is not very good and he keeps falling i’m thinking of becoming his carer, but not sure about what benefits i’d be entitled to ( eg, tax credits, carers allowance ).

Also we have a 9 year old boy who doesn’t understand what is happening to his dad? are there any books on explainng ppms to kids.



Hi Sioux,

My MS nurse gave me a book for 10 to 16 year olds. It’s called The young person’s guide to MS (from Multiple Sclerosis Trust).

It does explain the different types of MS.And has lots of comments from children who has a parent with MS

Hi, yeah we have met with the MS nurse since i wrote this and she gave us that book, its very good.

Its hard to explain to 9yr old when me and hubby don’t know whats going to happen so many uncertanties.


Sue x