lyrinol xl side effects

Hi has anyone had the following side effects of this drug. Itching, bloating nausea, dry mouth

cant get a hold of MS nurse so seriously stopping this till she come back

There is a brilliant website called which is a mine of information on drugs. I just searched for lyrinol xl and there were no responses so it may be listed under a different name. If you check the packet, you should be able to find the main ingredient - that'll help you find it on the website.


Hold that thought - it's oxybutynin! Here's a link:


Itching is listed as a "seek medical attention" side effect, so it sounds like you might have to stop. Can you speak to your GP if the nurse is being elusive?


Karen x


thanks Karen


Have stopped and will have a chat with GP, Gp has actually been more useful


Hi, I take that as oxybutynin............and yes along with that and bendroflumethiazide (for high bp), i always have a terribly dry mouth.

made much worse recently, as I have a cold and mouth breathing makes dry mouth much worse.......awlays drinking water.

can often `hold on`, til I get me keks down, but not always.

Still think it`s better than wetting ALl the time.

Vesicare is a similar drug..............try it, eh?

luv Pollx

thanks polly will speak to MS nurse though a bit annoyed wuth her , feel as if she is using me as a guinea pig, wonder if the drug you mentioned is more expensiveletdown, because this is the way they seem to treat things sorry for moaning

S`okay love, moan away!

luv Pollx