Hi, Has anyone taken Lyrica? My GP prescribed it today as I’m having a relapse (RRMS). He said it only works for 50% of people. My question is how long does it take to work? Is it immediate or do symptoms only improve after a while. I’ve taken 1 (50mg) 5 hours ago & I can’t notice an improvement in the pins & needles/numbness. Am I expecting too much after 1 tablet? Will I only see an improvement after a few days or am I in the 50% of people it doesn’t work for? Thanks

I took it at night the first time and, after some initial grogginess the next morning, I knew by the lunchtime it was working and I’ve been on it ever since. I think my initial dose was 150mg. I’ve never heard that it doesn’t work for 50% of people…? It’s a great drug - a cleaner, nicer, better version of Gabapentin according to my MS nurse. I didn’t get on with Gabapentin at all. I think that you know quite quickly if symptom management drugs are going to work for you but that’s a personal opinion.

Thank you! Guess I’m just being impatient then. I’m due another 50mg this evening so hopefully will see some improvement tomorrow.


Yes, pregabalin is the pharmaceutical name (I just checked the box).