pregabalin aka Lyrica

Hi All,

Hope you are all doing as well as you can? Sunny here but I am sure it won’t last too long, those clouds are very dark!

Sorry to bore those who have already written about this but I do need some help pleases?

I have been given Pregabalin to help with the pain I am in. At the moment I soldier on but that can’t go on ay longer! I was given morphine for the pain but that knocked me sideways and I slept the days away.

Can you give me your ideas/feelings about Pregabalin? I am wary because I also suffer constipation and I can’t accept the situation getting any worse on that front! Does Pregabalin, in the main, constipate people? Also. I have just lost one and a half stone and i am terrified of putting the weight back on. Do people taking Pregabalin tend to put weight on?

I know I must do something about the pain, just dithering because I don’t want the awful side effects mentioed above!

Sending hugs and smiles to you all out there.


Hi Anne, it’s a tough one isn’t it.

Pregabalin is considered the ‘sister’ drug of Gabapentin. I have been on them both and unfortunately I would say weight gain is a side effect of both.

I felt very ‘out of it’ on Pregabalin BUT I wasn’t on it long enough to give it a proper chance. I came off it as had skipping heartbeat which turned out to be caused by something else altogether.

I was told by neuro that many people preferred Pregabalin to Gabapentin as there are fewer side effects.

Wish I could tell you something more positive!!!

Constipation? I’m yet to find anything which deals with it for more than a short time.

It’s worth giving it a try… worth remembering that medication affects each one of us differently.

Pat xx


I take it and to be honest, I don’t really notice much about it at all. I have gained a bit of weight but I think inactivity is largely to blame for that, and to be honest I needed to as I was underweight (probably due to stress but that’s another story).

Give it a go and see

Sonia x

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I was putting on weight with Gabapentin, so tried Pregabalin. But I found it made my balance worse. I occasionally take it when I go to bed. I sympathise re constipation. I have UC too, diet controls symptoms with prescription laxatives when necessary. Ask your GP.

to be honest, I was so unimpressed with pain & spasm relief offerings, I chose to self medicate nearly 3 years ago. Clearly you should not drive, or take it on trips abroad! CBD oil maybe a more gentle, legal alternative.

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I suffered from constipation and now take Robocop I sachet

I left Robocop in just shows you need to watch predictive text.

I take one sachet of Movicol after my evening meal and use a micro enema to go go most morning’s of course I get upsets at times but on the whole it works.

Hope you find something that works for muscles.


PS. All the drugs have different side effects on bowels.

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Hi Anne. Sorry to hear about your situation, it’s difficult to do anything when you’re in pain. I can’t really comment on Pregablin but I’m on Gabapentin and all I can suggest is for you to give it a go. Surely anything is better than living as you are now. Nerve pain is very debilitating and if it’s left too long your body can become hypersensitive as mine is now.

It took me years to get my pain under control and as I’d tried to brave it out, for a long time my body went into a strange “jumpy” stage and every sensation or stimulus was perceived as painful, it was unbearable. I’m now on a handful of painkillers but I am mostly comfortable.

As the others have said, every drug has side effects but these can be controlled. The most important treatment for ms, especially PP is to improve quality of life and with chronic pain that’s not attainable. I don’t know what side effects I suffer are from the Gabapentin and which are caused by other drugs but I’m comfortable and if you don’t give it a chance you won’t know if it suits you or not. Starting it doesn’t mean you have to stay on it forever but give it a few weeks or months kick in properly, you never know, I’ve heard a good number of people say it works well for them.

I hope you get some improvement soon. Take care.

Cath x

Hi I take pregabalin for pain it works I never noticed a difference re weight gain or constipation life is better on it I take 300mgs the doctors would like me to take 600 mgs but it affects my mood at that dose don’t let our experiences put you off we are all different .

This is not a tablet you can pop as and when you feel like it it must be taken at regular intervals normally twice a day you will need to build up to your dose over a number off days guided by your doctor I would give it a go g

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Hi Anne

I can’t comment on pregablin, as I take amitriptyline, but just wanted to wish you all the best, as nerve pain is so debilitating.

Take care

Pam x

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I’ve been taking Pregabalin for about 2 months, now 300mg per day. Seems to be OK so far, my balance is a bit worse and slight constipation, but my legs feel slightly less stiff so I thinks it’s helping. All the best, Ian

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I forgot to say, taking Pregabalin has got rid of the annoying feeling I had of a stone stuck in my shoe.

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Once again.!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to my question. Given me food for thought.

You really are the best.

Hoping the day is being good to you, wherever you are.




I finally got a DR who was able to diagnose my MS… It progressive…I go to a MS clinic on Monday…

It’s been 6 yrs since it first started, I should be happy to finally get answers…

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