Morning everyone, hope you’re all doing well, I’ve been on Gabepentin for six years for MS related pain, hot, cold, burning, pins and needles, well you all know the story, anyway just lately they’re not having the affect that they once had, spoke to my MS nurse last week who has now suggested Pregabalin, not sure what to do as I’ve read about the various side affects, which lets face it most of these meds can have, but the weight gain for me is the biggest, I don’t want to but a lot of weight on for various reasons, the biggest is, getting around, I don’t want it to be any more difficult, so if you take Pregabalin how has it affected you, take care all and have a nice day, Luv Jean x x

Hi Jean

I gave a low dose Pregabalin a shot for 8 months. I stopped a month ago. For me personally there were hardly any side effects but again it was a low dose. The reason I stopped it was to find out if it was making urine retention and bowel movements more difficult. So far since being off this drug I can report both are better. Still it is different for everyone. I never put on weight but it seems the ‘girls’ on here have a bit more difficulty than the ‘boys’ with Pregabalin.


I was on Gabapentin and had weight gain. As it did not help take the pain away I started Pregabalin and also Amitriptyline and again had the weight gain.

Maybe if you have not had weight gain with Gabapentin you might not get it with Pregabaline!! Not sure. But yes, it was the weight gain that I didn’t like.

I put mself on LDN. No pain and weight gain dropped off.

Sorry, but only you can decide!

Good luck

C x

I’m on pregabalin. The side effects were not good for the first four weeks (mainly vertigo and feeling “surreal”) so I had to build up the dose really slowly, but I do tend to be quite sensitive to meds so you may find it much easier. After about 2 weeks, I phoned my nurse to say that I couldn’t stick it, but she persuaded me to persevere because her other patients said how good it was. Anyway, I am really glad that she did because it is brilliant now.

I haven’t put on any weight from it, but I’m on a very low dose (200mg a day) so I’m probably not a great example. (It took me 4 weeks to get up to 100mg a day, starting on 25mg and increasing by 25mg a week - pretty pathetic! Good really though because I don’t need a lot to get a good effect :-))

As Candystripe said, you may not get weight gain as you haven’t with gabapentin - the two drugs work in very similar ways.

Worth a try I would think. If it doesn’t suit, you can always come off it.

Karen x

Thanks for you’re replies, I do feel that I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s just that, and I know a lot of you will understand, when you get to know one type of med, and don’t do too bad on it, it’s hard to change, but here goes nothing, take care, and thaks again, Luv Jean x

hi, I’ve been on pregabalin for a number of years, I’m on 2x300mg daily and I’ve not had any weight gain.

I was prescribed a low dose over a month ago to help with numbness in my left hand.Sadly I’ve been too scared to take any due to my fear of side effects and being told that I mustn’t come off them quickly. I’ve only ever taken a 4 day course of steroids in the past and don’t know which I’d rather suffer more- the numbness or the side effects?

Thanks for you’re replies, yes it’s difficult to know what to do, but my pain, ie burning and cold is getting really bad and is with me every day, plus pain in my hands and wrists, which isn’t carpol tunnel as I’ve had the op on one and everything was ok, went through that for nothing, anyway 4yrs ago I joined weight watchers, lost 2 stone, got to goal and never went back, now athough I’ve done really well I’ve decided to go back, and on the back of that start the pregabalin to hope fully combat any weight gain that may happen, thanks again to you all, it’s good to get you’re input, Luv Jean x