Pregablin and side effects


just coming off a low dose of gabapentin due to bad reaction , bladder retention, hearing issues and itching. And about to start to take pregablin, I already have vertigo due to nerve damage to one ear (it’s now completely deaf) and concerned pregablin will make this worse. Sorry if the next question is a silly one, having fought hard to loose 2.5 stone this year will pregablin increase my appetite to eat more or is the tablet itself that will make me put weight on?


Hi, sorry to say that pregabalin caused me to gain weight quickly and I dont need that.

I found it also made me feel down and sad. I was taking it for heel pain, when in bed… It zapped it by about 90%. But I came off it and my pain returned. I decided to cope as best I can and keep my heels off the bed as much as possible.


Thanks poll for reply, hope you find something for your heel soon xx

Hi I stopped gabapentin a month ago and went onto pregabalin at the request of my Neuro. I felt absolutely awful, put on 5lb in one week, sick and flu like. I stopped the pregabalin and went back to gabapentin, felt a lot better and lost the 5lb quickly. Pregabalin was not for me.

Thanks Pops, only had negative feedback about yet.

i wonder if it has been good for anybody, feeling a little apprehensive now about this medicine.

I took it for quite a long time. At least 3 years. I never had any side effects from it. I only stopped because my rehab neuro recommended I should. He’s brilliant about drugs and he just said he couldn’t see it helping me much and to increase Amitriptyline instead.


Hi, I put on a stone in three weeks on this drug despite being too ill to eat. I lost the weight as soon as I came off it. When I googled the drug and weight gain there were far too many posts saying the same.

ann x

I had weight gain too and it didn’t ease the pain totally. I was on it for back/leg pain. I slowly took myself off and have lost about 5lbs now. I’m trying exercises to manage the pain better.

Sorry it’s not good news that I’ve shared :-/



I have tried Pregablin for a year a little while ago. Main side effect was headaches on and off and weaker legs for a few weeks. It is a more potent version of Gabapentin so you take it at lower doses.

Everyone reacts differently to meds but I have never had weight gains with either ( currently on superlow dose Gabapentin).

It does take me a month or two to get use to meds and different doses so you do need to give it time for your body to adjust to any side effects.

Take care.


Thanks everybody, I am going to look for alternatives instead, going to a spine drop in clinic as I have Spondilitis as well as nerve damage. Small dose of gabapentin with some degree of excersise, fingers crossed it helps xx