Hi Everyone,

I have come on to post this whilst suffering the effects of my lumber because I feel compelled to tell all…

I was VERY scared about this proceedure, mainly because of everything I read before hand which I have to say on reflection IS NOT the best idea…

Whilst I can appreciate everyone as different pain thresholds, It really isn’t that bad…

I know some that have had a bad exprience of this will be first to shout me down…

But i believe that statistic that if we have a bad exprience we tell 10 folk and if we have a good one we tell 1…(person)

well mine was good…

I had a great doctor, and hopefully those waiting or about to go for their appointment will be as lucky as I was…

The after effects are the worst thing about it all… but as before from what I had read I was expecting A LOT worse…

I was told to drink lots of full fat coke and coffee,

i had the lumber on tuesday & today is friday, I woke feeling not to bad, however the more i moved the worse i felt, this maybe because i tried to lay off the caffine!!!

The coke etc really did help… The sore back again isn’t as bad as expected and painkillers ease!

I just wanted to let you all know that whilst it’s scary it’s not the most painfull thing that most of you are or will deal with…

Good luck to anyone going in the future…

I have not meant to be little ANYONE who’s exprience hasn’t been the way it should be…


My LP was even better than yours :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I felt no pain whilst it was in the process of being done and it was over in a matter of minutes. Had no headache afterwards (which I was fully expecting to have) and no backache afterwards either so that was a pleasant surprise.

I didn’t drink loads of coke or coffee due to migraine. I drank plenty of water and went to bed for about 3 hours, I think.

I got up feeling fine and felt fine over the next few days too.

My LP was a walk in the park compared to my horrendous MRI!

Hi Andrea

Thank you so much for that! I may or may not have to have a LP, depending on the results of other tests I suppose.

I kept trying to remind myself that I had an epidural with my fourth child and that was not bad at all. Bit of backache after but I expected that. And that instead of putting stuff in they were just taking stuff out.


Paula xx

Hi Andrea,

Mine was good also. I had no pain at all.

Drank lots of water. Was absolutely dreading it and at first had refused to have it but was told they were still unsure of dx and it could make the difference… which it did. I got my dx with the LP result.

I went in there like a woman going to my own execution and couldn’t believe how easy and painless it was. I know some people don’t have such a good experience, but good to let people know that many of us have a good one.

Pat x

Hi, I have an appointment for a LP on 15th August.

I am dreading it, as my first LP (1999) was terribly painful. When the doc inserted the needle for the anaesthetic, I felt like I`d been hit by an almighty thunderbolt! The rest of the procedure was painless and I stayed lying flat for 4 hours, so suffered no after effects.

I am so glad to read many of us had no pain or problems with their LPs.

Fingers crossed, I`ll be the same this time round.

luv Pollx

Great to hear that others have had even better expriences!!! I’m feeling a lot better now (sunday) so it’s all by just the results to wait for… which i am nervous about but its the only way forward hey…

Good luck to those having one soon.



Hi there My LP was a really positive experience. Just a sharp scratch for the local, some pressure for the LP itself and then nothing else at all. No side effects at all! Unfortunately the wait for the results was the most painful thing. I received them 2 months later and the CSF was positive for oligoclonal bands! Teresa xx


My LP was on Friday and it was a breeze! I felt nothing whilst it was being done, apart from a slight throbbing sensation which the Doc said was “fine - it means I’m in exactly the right spot”. Afterwards I didn’t get the dreaded headache, just a bit of a sore back, but I did feel quite light headed all weekend. I took a couple of ibuprofen for the back and just took it easy over the weekend. I’m in work now, all normal but still have a bit of a “fuzzy” head.

I would rather have 100 LP’s over 1 MRI any day!


My Lumber Puncture was fine too. The build up was worse than the procedure. I had to lay flat for 24 hrs and felt faint when I got up but was pleased to see the back of the bad pan!! I had no back pain but dizzy for a few hours.

Oh, you and me both!

Hiya…were you the lady who was being admitted so they could do all the tests in one go because of where you lived?

If so how has it gone as a whole and have you had results? If not please excuse my ramblings!!!