in bits

I am absolutely beside myself with with worry. I have my lumber puncture on Thursday and feel sick to the bottom of my stomach. My family are saying don’t be silly I’ll be fine but hearing the last few few people explain their experiences im really considering canceling it. What happens if im too sick to do Christmas? What happens if they hit a nerve. What happens if I cant go into work (they’re not at all sympathetic) I really dont know what to do.

Hi Ruby I have had a lumber puncture and like you I was worried but I did it and was absolutely fine during and after the procedure. Many others on here will tell you the same. Getting a LP helped with my diagnosis so stay positive and think long term of the benefits of getting the procedure completed. I know it’s hard to hear other peoples experience and think you will be the same but everyone is different and LP’s are done every day in hospitals and the doctors doing the procedures will reassure you and make sure you are comfortable before going ahead with the LP. I hope everything goes well. Polly x

Firstly Ruby breathe!!!I can only give you my experience of the lp in the hope it will help, do remember everybody’s different. I lay on my side, neuro applied anesthetic, waited a few mins to ensure it was working, I didn’t feel any pain, just pressure. The fluid came out quickly and it was all over in 20 mins. I had to lay flat for an hour afterwards and had a cup of tea- hard to do lying down!! My back was a little tender after for a little while and some people can get headaches- drinking caffeine is meant to help. It’s your decision to make, nobody can force you to have it if you really can’t face it. Best of luck, either way have a good Christmas :slight_smile: Lx

Thanks guys. I just don’t know what to do. Im really not looking forward to it at all

Hello, The thought of it is far worse than the reality and I was really really dreading it. I was welling up big time when the Doctor came over and introduced himself, he soon made me relax. They are used to nervous patients :slight_smile: Make sure you rest adequately for the first 24 hours afterwards. Good luck :slight_smile: Sam xx


I feel for you as I breathed a massive sigh of relief when I didn’t need to have one.

BUT since that time, I’ve read a lot of stuff on this forum and it seems it’s not half as scary as I thought it was.

Good luck Ruby but it sounds like you’ll be in safe hands when you have it done and afterwards you’ll wonder why you got so worried :slight_smile:

Sonia x

You’re certainly not being silly to worry - I defy anyone not to worry before a medical procedure!

I’ve had it done once and the actual LP itself was fine. I was one of the unfortunates who got the nasty headache, which was not nice at all! However, we’re all different, so don’t run away with the idea it’s bound to happen to you.

Chin up, be brave. You can do it.

There are times in life when the only thing to do is to take a deep breath and then just go with the flow. This is one of them, I think.

You do not need to answer any of those unanswerable questions, and there is no point in trying. Just take one step at a time and let the thing play itself out.

Good luck!


p.s. My LP was absolutely fine, and I hope that yours will be too. Most people’s are.

Hi Ruby

I had my LP in November and giving an honest account this is what I would say:

  1. Procedure was fine, they did snag a nerve and of course it wasn’t comfy (felt like I’d lost control of my leg) but not terrible. They communicate with you throughout so you can tell them if something isn’t right. The needle was in on the first go. I was made comfy and afterwards they gave me food and liquids. I really had a good experience.

  2. The next day I did get the headache from hell and could not sit or stand at all without my head feeling like it’s going to explode. Lying down I was absolutely fine. I did end up having to take two weeks sick because I just couldn’t sit or stand for long enough.

I saw my GP in the interim by who said lets wait till middle of the next week and if no better then you need to go back. Thankfully I was better - still couldn’t sit or stand for long but compared to what I had been like I was on the mend. If it doesn’t improve it means the hole they made when inserting the needle hasn’t healed and they need to use some of your blood to try and encourage it to heel (blood patch).

  1. The things you can do to help yourself post LP are liquids+++, caffeine unless you’re prone to migraines and staying flat as this will take the pressure off and give that hole they’ve made time to heal.

In all honesty would I choose to have the procedure done again in the future - no unless it’s absolutely necessary as I know I’ll be prone to having the headache and I’m terrible at staying in one place. I hate it as I’m so use to doing lots. But if it was really essential I would - just with lots of advance planning.

If I could go back with the knowledge and experience I have now would I opt not have had any LP at all? My answer would be no I’d still have the LP - just prepare better at work though. The reason why I’m saying this is because my MRI has shown non-specific changes in the past and I’ve episodes of continuing symptoms over 2 years. So the LP was important as well as repeating the MRI in hopefully getting enough evidence for a MS diagnosis which is what my neuro thinks it is. I’m screwed if nothing shows up on MRI and LP but there we go. Sometimes we have to take a risk / go with instinct or hope and have faith.

Hopefully reading about the thoughts of someone who did have symptoms post-LP has given you an insight. It is rare to have symptoms - I’m in the unfortunate 1-2%. The most amazing thing is you have your families support and if you’re unlucky and do have a headache it’s a good excuse of getting out of doing all the Christmas cooking. Jokes aside - only you can make the decision whether an LP is right for you in your situation.

Good luck whatever you end up doing. Remember we’re here with lots of support and hugs.



Well decided to go ahead with the lp. To be honest im crying as I write this. Thanks for all your support you guys are the best x

Why are they doing it have you got a diagnosis?

Anyway look hun I had one i was in bits too i read too much stuff on forums.

The first thing is to make sure your really well hydrated that works, and also I was told to drink coke which I did.

The procedure well it was NOTHING, i felt nothing not even the needle to numb the LP needle. I felt NOTHING honestly truly. The actual thought of it was far worse then the actual procedure.

You need to just stay calm. I took my mp3 player and just listened to my music and this really calmed me down.

It was over so quickly.

Then you need to drink your coke and rest. I have spoken to a few people who had the procedure not one had the headache.

So dont be scared. I would rather have that again then go to the dentist lol. Big

The neurologist said he wanted a complete picture thats why im getting it done.

This did make me smile and also nod, because I feel just the same!


Good luck today Ruby, just read those last comments and giggled (not as bad as the dentist!)

Hope you can report back soon and that it wasn’t something worth getting stressed about

Sonia x

Good luck.

Everything crossed for you to have an easy stress free LP and no symptoms post.



Thanks for all the well wishes you are all a great support. Well I done it twice they couldn’t grt in the 1st time. Very unpleasant (prefer the dentist). Ive a feeling of pressure now just hope I don’t get the h3ad ache. Drinking coke so hope it helps . TThanks again xx

That’s great that you got it completed! Hopefully you won’t wait too long for your results. Polly x

Excellent! Fingers crossed there’s no headache .x

Good news! Hope it all leads to some answers for you :slight_smile: Lx

Hi hun hope your ok this morning, big hugs, love not the MS hug lol. xxxx