Lumber puncture done

Hi Just wanted to post this message as I’ve had so much useful information from other users and wanted to give a little back I had my lumber puncture yesterday and just wanted to assure anyone who has to have this procedure that it was nothing compared to what I was expecting It took about half hour and felt nothing apart from a little pressure when they gave me the anaesthetic I lay down for an hour after at hospital and was then checked and discharged Feel a little sore today in my lower back but I also have 3 prolapsed discs so that’s nothing new … But no headache Hope this helps anyone who is about to have a lp

Helps a lot I was worried as I will need one soon too MRI Tuesday so going through that and proked potential test first so thank you.

Yes, thank you. My GP has mentioned that today and I am dreading it as have lower back pain, ie, only when touched.It doesn’t hurt me as I go about my day to day activities, never did, but if its pressed, it hurts, so im worried sick that LP will be done in that area…can you tell me where please?.I am tender around L4, 5 + 6.

This whole waiting game is awful

Andie x

Hi I too was petrified but honestly it’s not as bad as u imagine it is that area I believe where they have to go but at the same time those are where I have 3 prolapsed discs but honestly didn’t really feel any pain at all … Other than a bit tender today … I hope I’ve put your mind at rest as I was where u are up until yesterday and if I had to have it done again I would so really can’t be that bad all the best x

Reading your reply, I find myself sighing, biting my lip, I know I am going to get so het up before this, if its even to be done. I just have a feeling today that my doctor read something from neurologists notes but is leaving it to her to tell me as see her on Tuesday.

I do believe that yes the procedure probably won’t be as bad as im led to believe from other things I’ve read, but because I could go through the roof if my lower back is touched, im scared stiff.I think I need gas and air a pre med and a local anaesthetic…just knock me out. I know we are all in the same boat.Just feeling really down just now.

Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

I did honestly feel exactly like you and Evan joked with the doctor that I may do u a runner ( actually it prob wasn’t a joke and could have easily ran off ) but if it means I get a answer to all the strange things that have being going on with me for so long I was glad I stuck around Just wait and see what your neuro says on Tuesday I have read that they can give u a sedative if your really anxious but try not to worry to much I no it’s easier said than done …but if like me stuck in limbo land then I’m sure half hour of slight discomfort is worth getting closer to answers x

Thanks cody

Im due for a LP good to know your experience hope mine is as good.

Graham xx