Lumber puncture??

Hi everyone

I’ have an appointment for a Lumber puncture on Thursday

What should I expect? Is it as horrible as I imagine? When I spoke to the appointments lady she said it can take up to an hour then lie down for an hour. I was expecting it to be more like a blood test, but in my spine!!

Hi Sally - have a read of this

Hope that helps x

Hi Sally

Mine didn’t affect me too much you just lie on your side ad the doctor gives you a local anasthetic in your back. They then put a large needle into your spine and extract some of the fuild for testing,

They should guide you every step of the way and tell you what they are doing takes about 30 mins or so depending on how fast the fluid comes out. They will then show you what they hve extracted and ask you to lay down for about anhour and not to esert yourself too much.

I was adised not to drive for a few hours and I may get a head ache.I didn’t get a head ache but I know people who have had a LP and got a head ache for hours but like most hings everybody is different.

I was told by the doctor that I was a very ‘paitent’ paitent lol

Try not to worry, it’s a very simple procedur.

Hi Sally I had mine in February this year…there was a nurse who specialised in the procedure she explained how far things had moved on recently with LP’s and that the needle used was now much more refined to firstly improve the procedure but secondly the recovery. Let me just tell you I went in there sobbing because so many horror stories from friends and colleagues…but it was painless and I was out of there half an hour after the procedure wondering why I’d been so worried. As for when you get home take it easy and drink plenty of water. All the best try not to worry too much. Libby

Thank you all for yur support

Fingers crossed x

Hi Sally The LP is not painful, the injection to nimb the area is a sharp scratch. After dink plenty of fluid and lie on back for at least an hot o prevent headaches. Caffine rich drins were advised by my doc, to prevent headache, but beware of too much caffeine as this will give you a bad head too. Mike

Hi Sally, I had mine last week and I wrote a post on how it went called “LP…so this is how it went.” It really is ok!! But please make sure you rest for a few days after as I defiantly rushed that bit. Good luck!!! Mandymoo