Hi again everyone! Hope your all well.

Not wanting to sound like a cry baby, but I’m looking for some reassurance. I’ve got my lumberpuncture tomorrow and I have a massive fear of needles at the best of times! I wondered if anyone would offer me any words of comfort, because I’m absolutely dreading it! It would be amazing if you could!

Thank you

Nadine x

Hi Nadine

Personally I found it absolutely fine. I was a little nervous, but the Dr was reassuring, it didn’t hurt at all, but felt a little strange. It took less than five minutes, and was only mildly uncomfortable. I think everyone has varying experiences, and like any procedure, a lot depends on the where/when/who but I can quite honestly say mine was fine, and I wouldn’t be nervous if I had to have another.

My back was a little sore for a few days. I was lucky not to experience any of the side effects, headaches being the main one, but they suggest lots of caffeine to help with that.

I had to lie flat for about 5 hours after, so suggest taking a book or iPod to keep yourself amused!

All the best

(ps, my Dr also sung ‘The Bird Is The Word’ from Family Guy most of the time, which really took my mind off it!)

From memory, the only thing that hurt a wee bit was the anaesthetic, but you don’t see a needle at any point because you’re lying on your side. Most people have no problems at all these days, but it doesn’t hurt to stay lying down a lot the first day and to drink a lot of fluids, preferably with caffeine in them if you can (e.g. normal coke) - this will help to avoid the “headache from hell” than some people can get afterwards.

With any luck you’ll be on here on Wednesday saying how easy it was!

Karen x

I dreaded mine too, but it was a breeze. No problem at all. The anticipation was the nasty bit.

I hope it goes well tomorrow.



I was dreading mine, turned out to be a lot better than my imagination had lead me to believe!

Bit uncomfortable but no pain to speak of. The worst bit for me was having to lay all scrunched in the fetal position as i’m not the most flexible of people! I did not see a needle at all as the neurologist wheeled in equipment once i was in position. It helped me not to think of what was happening and think of something else.

I had to lie flat for 2 hours afterwards which was rather dull, so i agree with traitsy about taking a book or ipod! I had an achey back for a few days but nothing parecetomol couldn’t help.

Good luck x

(ps, my Dr also sung ‘The Bird Is The Word’ from Family Guy most of the time, which really took my mind off it!)

Ha ha brilliant wish i had such a cheery doctor!

If you can, have someone with you - when you are lying flat afterward, it can be good to have someone to talk to. Failing that, borrow traitsy’s iPod.

Just remember to ask the person with the needles to wait about a minute longer after the local, just to give it a bit longer to work.
It took two attempts for mine - I felt the first one, waited a bit, asked when they were going to give it the second try and was told that it had already been done.

Lay flat for an hour, sat up just enough for a cup of tea, walked through the hospital for a blood test sample, walked back to the car and drove 28 miles home. When they tell you to lay flat and still - do it!

Then come back here and tell us how it went, please.


Hi Nadine

As others have said you won’t see the needle and it doesn’t hurt. The local anaesthetic is no worse than any normal injection, very quick, after that I couldn’t feel anything. Lie flat afterwards and drink plenty to avoid the headache and you will be fine. Let us know how it goes. Hopefully you will be able to say it was a doddle

Tracey x

I found the lumbar puncture a piece of cake (and never once did I actually see the needle and of course they numb the area). The after effects were the problem for me but I had an 8 month old baby so lying flat wasn’t an option and I did pay the price with the worst sickly headache and neckache ever. Not sure I drank enough caffeine either.

It’s worth it in the end so just make sure you relax and rest after.

Good Luck Nadine - mine was no problem at all. I wish the same for you! Teresa xx

Thank you everyone! It’s all pretty rushed! Only had a phone call on Friday to say it’s going to be done tomorrow! I suppose thats the best way though… less time to worry. Is there anything else I should know about what to take/do? Wasn’t even aware that you should drink caffine! Is it best to stick to coke, or should I go for an energy drink?

I really do hope my doctor sings to me! Wonder if I start singing he’ll join in??? I’m having it done in a hospital in the Welsh valleys so a bit of Tom Jones would go down a treat! :slight_smile:

Nadine x

I had a large bottle of coke and took some straws. After the lumbar puncture I lay flat and they tilted the bed so that my head was downwards and legs were upwards. I drank about half a bottle of coke on the hospitals advice and suffered with no headache. My lumbar puncture was tricky and all I would say is to check that the person doing it has experience. I’m sure it will all go well - just remember to drink coke (full fat not diet) lay flat for at least an hour and then take it easy for the rest of the day. Let us know how you get on. K x

Well here it goes!!! :-S

Good luck Nadine! Karina, what does the coca cola do? I am intrigued? X


I couldn’t have the area numbed first, but the whole lp just felt like a blood test but with the pressure on your spine instead of the inside of your elbow.

They say the caffene from drinks helps with the headache you can get from the lp

Goodluck you will be fine

i pulled a hamstring during my lumbar puncture haha (guess she hit the wrong nerve) that was the only pain i had, i was really nervous about it also, but u dont see the needle they are using, was over quite quickly, and in general the people iv spoken to about it have had similar experiences, only a couple horror stories, good luck


Mine was absolutely fine - I was dreading it but in the end, I preferred the LP to the MRI! I lay on my side with my back to the Doctor and he wiped the area with the anaesthetic and then told me he was inserting the needle - I couldn’t feel anything and after about 2 mins, it was all over. I had to lie flat for about 30 mins and then the doc said that my husband (who was with me) could take me home. I had to take it easy for the rest of the day and luckily, didn’t have any of the headaches or other side effects that I was dreading, just a bit of a sore back.

You’ll be fine!



Sorry a bit late.

The actual procedure is not painful; in fact the only thing you feel is a scratch when the anaesthetic goes in. The actual removal of fluid is just a feeling of pressure if done properly. I must stress if done properly; do not let anyone practice on you insist on someone who is experienced.

It’s after you MAY get something called ‘the headache from hell.’ To cut down the chances of getting this you should lay flat for at least 3 hours do not even get up to go to the loo; use a pan. Drink at least 2 litres of classic Coke, not diet; it’s the caffeine that aids replenishment of your CNS fluid. Being your drinking a lot take one of those bendy straws otherwise the bed will get more Coke than you. If you want a change of drink very strong coffee.

These things will drastically reduce your chances of getting a headache that could last about 8 days. If you have a couple of days off work and rest if you do not get the headache, if you do 10 days off work.

Good luck.


Just got home. Can’t say it was the best experience of my life, but at least it’s over with. I am a bit miffed because as soon as it was done, the nurse told me to lie down which I did, but literally 30 seconds later she told me to roll over so she could take some blood, and straight after they told me to sit in a chair because they needed the bed!!! Lol. So I had to travel over an hour home from the hospital. So this is the 1st time lying down and not feeling the greatest now :-S oh well at least its over with! I didn’t chicken out! :smiley: yay!

Oh and there was no singing :-/ disappointed with that! Hahaha! But thanks again everyone! Think its safe to say I would’ve chickened out if it wasn’t for you guys! X Nadine x