lumbar puncture

Just a quickie, does having a l.p hurt? I have and have had sciatic pain for donkeys years and concerned that the needle will touch nerve and rattle it !! Ouch . Oh well if it hurts it hurts ,tough luck,just prefer it did’nt!!

It doesn’t hurt. The worst bit is the local anaesthetic… That stings a bit but it soon stops. You may have a bad headache after the procedure but drinking lots of coffee and coke after helps… daft but true Best of luck and try not to stress, it’s really not that bad :slight_smile:


I didn’t feel anything but a bit of pressure. No pain.

Like Vinnygirl said you may get a headache afterwards. I didn’t but I know a lot of people do.

Try not to worry about it. You will be ok.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

It’s probably worth asking for a sprotte needle if you need an LP.

This video from the Barts & London explains the benefits.

Annie Davis - Lumbar Punctures…/4th…

I didn’t feel a thing, but I wasn’t given enough fluids, I waited six hours as they were doing one an hour and had only one bed, I also wasn’t given long enough to lie still afterwards, this was what gave me the mother and father of a headache for a week after.

My lp itself didn’t hurt. As vinneygirl said, the anesthetic was the worst bit but that didn’t last long .

The headache really was the worst bit! I was was advised to stay lying totally flat for at least an hour after the procedure. However, typical me!, 20 mins after it was all over, I though “Hey, I’m OK” so got up and went home - I remember thinking at the time I could have driven myself home rather than asking my aunt to come with me!

Anyway, all was fine for 12 hours … then the headache decended like a black cloud! Ouch! I couldn’t stand up straight for 4 days! I was fine when horizontal but vertical was agony! But suddenly on afternoon the 5th day when I crawled out of bed to go to the loo, I suddenly realised I could stand up straighter, very tentatively, inch by inch! The pain had gone just like that! … a bit biblical really!

So my advice to you would be, if you are told to stay lying flat after, listen to good advice!

Emma x

Thankyou everyone for your comforting words regarding L.P. I will try drinking coffee if it helps to stop headache .

Looking forward to it in a strange kind of way,last test to be done before I see neuro again and find out whats going on with my diagnosis.

Thanks Emma x

Doesn’t hurt , as others said, drink liquids/caffine drinks and lie flat for as long as possible. I made the car seat flat as had an hour drive… I was a passenger.

Good luck.

Jen x

ps when I saw the consultant I thought he said I was going for a lung puncture! Had to look it up in books (per internet) ha

Just remembered. I was made to lie flat for an hour afterwards so that is probably why I didn’t get the headache.


I got told to drink cola so I drank 2 small bottles didn’t have a headache maybe it was just luck I have a short body the junior couldn’t find the bit so had to wait half an hour after numerous botch attempts so if it’s a junior ask for someone else to be present. When she came up 2 mins and it was done X

My first one, or rather multiple attempts was, quite frankly, horrific. They were new at it and could not get it. I was screaming. In the end, after ~45 mins they gave up and said they’d try again tomorrow. (I was an in-patient. ) No way was I letting them near me again. I discharged myself immediately. I had my real lumbar puncture at a different hospital with a chap who was the complete opposite - knew exactly what he was doing and had a skilled hand. I was, understandably, nervous as hell, but it was fine. No pain but an increasing feeling of discomfort I wanted to be over very soon, and then it was. He showed me the fluid. I had to get home (couple of hours by buses with too much walking) and yes I got the headache from hell despite copious cola. I was in bed with it for 3 days. Horrible. Stock up with paracetamol and aspirin, take 2 of one drug and 2 hours later take 2 of the other, & continue alternating them up to the maximum per day.

My LP was no big deal - uncomfortable rather thsn painful, though my back felt a bruised the following day where the doctor had gone in. The doctor had to make two attemptd, on his first he discovered the needle wasn’t long enough. Once he got a longer needle it didn’t take log. And they let my husband stay with me throughout, so I had a hand to hold and someone to talk to me and try to distract me.

thankyou all, glad that it’s not a lung puncture goldrat!! ha ha ,now that does sound painful !!