lumber puncture done!

hi all,

just wanted to say that i had my lumber puncture done yesterday. it couldnt have been more different to how i had built it up in my head.

i dont mind saying i was terrified but it went really ok.a little bit uncomfortable at times but not at all painful.

it has left me with a dull backache now but paracetomols have helped and a bit of a headache today like i have been out on the tiles.

i drank coca cola and cups of tea at the hospital and just continued drinking plenty from then on.

im glad its behind me-literally but just wanted to try and reassure anyone waiting that mine was not even a tenth as bad as i had built it up in my head.

regards all

kim x

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Hi. Good to read it wasn’t too bad for you. I’ve had two…neither pleasant, but no after effects. Good luck with results.


it is nice to read what is essentially a ‘good news’ story.

to be honest, with my neurologist being willing to diagnose (and thus dish out the DMDs) without a LP, i chickened out of the procedure. obviously i do not regret this. but your post will hopefully reassure those not presented with a choice.