Lumbar puncture results time delay

Hello I had a lumbar puncture at NHS hospital 10 weeks ago to check for MS but have heard nothing, I rung the hospital and they said no result is on their system yet, Im expecting delays but is this normal Im worried they may have somehow lost it ?

Just posting to say the hospital rang and I saw the neurologist they have been very busy as you can imagine, I had a positive result so I have MS , thanks very much for everyones replies.

Unfortunately this is getting to be normal. I hope they haven’t lost it. All you can do is keep chasing. Not good for your stress levels though.

A delay is normal as the test/culture takes time to develop. When this is done the results need to be interpreted. Not sure what the minimum time would be. It is not like a dip test or even a blood test. I believe it will only confirm a diagnosis of MS not give a negative result. I would only expect to be given the result at an appointment because of the complexity. In my case the MS was clear from my symptoms and the MRI and the bounce back after hospitalisation so never discussed the results from lumbar puncture. I would suggest you chase your next consultant appointment rather than results that would be difficult for a layman to interpret.

Thanks for the replies I havè no one to ask as no one I know has it so didn’t know what to expect but Ill just keep waiting.

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You have my every sympathy. I have been a couple of urgent waiting lists going back to February and March. February caught up with me first week of August and the other well who knows.

Today unrelated I had a phone call from a physiotherapist referral dated 31st May, honestly I had forgotten about it.

Not much help I know but seems to be the case for so many.

On a positive: Options, go through the PALs service at the hospital, ask them to check if results have at least been viewed, your consultants secretary may be able to help ring share your worries she may be willing to look into your results, alternatively if your symptoms are changing, getting worse go back to your doctor.

Hope you get your results soon.

Thank you , some good suggestions there.