Lumbar Puncture Results

Hello Everyone

I’m just wondering if anyone knows how long the results for Lumbar Puncture take to come through, particularly the Oligoclonal bands results?

The reason that I’m asking is I now have an appt for the LP on 15/02/19 and my next neuro appt is 25/02/19. I’m concerned that the appts are so close together but then also don’t want to rearrange the neuro appt because I want to know about my last MRI results and it already seems like I’ve been waiting forever.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mandi, I had a lumbar puncture at Kings College Hospital last November and when I asked about how long the results take, the doctor told me the sample would be tested that day for serious infection, and then the rest of the results would take 3-4 days. So your neurologist should have your results in time for your appointment, but it wouldn’t hurt to let the hospital know on the day that the results will be needed by 25th just to make sure they are aware of timeframes, and also contact your neurologist’s secretary so she can confirm whether the results will be back in time. I hope it all goes well :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah

Thanks for the reply. I am feeling slightly nervous about it - more the potential headache than the actual procedure, but will ensure that I’m stocked up on coke and that I lie down as much as possible!

Am I right in thinking that you’re not allowed to drive afterwards? If so, do you have to have someone with you or is getting a taxi ok? I haven’t told anyone what’s going on apart from my husband and I’d rather he didn’t miss work so it makes it difficult if I do have to have someone with me


Hi Mand, The headache is definitely something you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid, but it sounds like you already know how best to prevent it! And if you DO get it, laying down and drinking caffeine is also the best way to treat it! I can’t remember what advice I was given - did your hospital send you a leaflet about before/during/after the procedure? If not, look on the MS Trust or MS Society websites for advice - but from personal experience I’d recommend not driving as my back was quite sore/achy afterwards from all the prodding and I felt a bit under the weather so I wouldn’t have wanted to focus on driving. A taxi sounds like a good idea :slight_smile: I don’t think you’re advised to have someone to take you home but maybe have your husband on standby just in case you want some extra support after the appointment. Have you thought about telling a couple of close friends/relatives so they can support you physically/emotionally if you don’t feel great in the days after the lumbar puncture? Sarah


I had my LP in November and was advised not to drive home, Hubby took a day off and came with me. My back was quite achy afterwards although I did avoid the headache. Backache continued day after, by 2 days after I was fine.

good luck x

Thanks for the replies. I haven’t had the actual letter about the LP yet, just been given the info about the appt verbally by the neuro’s secretary although I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you can’t drive for 24 hours afterwards

I come from a family of worriers particularly my mum, whose father had MS, he died 15 years ago aged 70 but his MS had a really rapid progression so I don’t want to alert her to the possibility of me having it unless Im sure so that rules out most relatives. I have a daughter but she is pregnant and having quite a rough time of it at the moment so again I don’t want to worry her either.


Hopefully you’ll get the information you need when your letter arrives - and I completely understand your reasons for not wanting to talk to people, so I’m glad you can talk to people on here if you need to :slight_smile:

I am now waiting for a mri, I have had the lp and it was fine not a twinge, I was going to get a taxi home but it was 4.30 in the afternoon, and getting a taxi would be expensive with the rush hour traffic. So as I felt alright I went home by tram and bus same way I came. There isn’t a direct bus to the hospital (I wasn’t alone my mum came with me)

So far i haven’t had any headaches maybe it is all of the coca cola I have been drinking, my back is sore and i had pain in my legs, one thing although told my mum that it was hard for me to stand up from sitting in the tram, she said that it didn’t look that way as I was striding away without a care in the world. She thought everything was fine but I told her that my legs felt weak and may hip was very sore. She couldn’t believe that I hid it so well.

I have good days when I think that there is nothing wrong with me at all that I am making a mountain out of mole hill, the tremors and pain are not so bad, but other days I get very down, I worry about what I may have or not have if it isn’t Ms what can it be. The waiting makes it harder and I have to wait until April for the neurologist to see me and am I wasting his time. But that’s how I feel.


Hi Kay

I am in exactly the same boat as you. Have had LP and results, positive O bands in CSF, which I believe is what they are looking for.

I have had repeat MRI brain a couple of weeks ago. Still awaiting results for that. My MS nurse has told me it is highly likely I have MS and she expects a diagnosis in April when I am due to see neuro again.

I have good days and bad days, symptom wise and emotion wise. Some days I feel great and that I can I deal with any potential outcome. Other days I scream and shout ‘why me’. I can’t stand limbo land much longer - it stinks.

hope you get some results soon, April is not that far away.

Mel x