Before diagnosis

Hi, I have had some ‘ms type’ symptoms for the past 9 months. My brain mri was clear but my spine showed lesions and areas of signal change. Iv had a lumbar puncture 4 weeks ago and i am not due back to see the specialist for another 3 weeks. I have been sent some of the results in the post but i am really confused by them. My GP doesnt know how to interpret them and the specialist is away untill next month so I am a bit anxious as to what they mean. Im sure many of you are experidnced in these things and can maybe help me to figure this out while im waiting for my appointment. Basically, it says that wbc is 10 (i think thats a little high?) Lympocytes 100 % (i cant find any info on what that means) and ‘oligoconal bands present’ (but it doesnt say how many so im not sure if that is significant or not) Any insights would be much appreciated Thank you


Sorry, but it’s pretty much beyond anything most of us could do to comment on your results. If you consider that your GP didn’t feel qualified to analyse them, then surely the impression of any of us would be pretty worthless.

I suspect you’ll have to wait until your neurologist looks at all of the results. S/he will consider a range of things, from these results to your history and physical examination and make a determination or diagnosis based on the whole lot.

I know that’s not much comfort for you, but at least you only have 3 weeks to wait.

Best of luck.