Lumbar puncture negative... what next??

Hi Folks, I wonder if any one could give me advice or their experience of the diagnostic process. In March I had numerous lesions on my brain. I have recently had a lumbar puncture and visual tests which have come back negative. I have ongoing symptoms of burning pins and needles and balance problems. I am however much better than what I was a few months ago.I know I will go for another MRI but I wondered what happens if there are new lesions or if none found then what happens. Sorry feeling really upset today , no idea what to say to friends and colleagues. Any advice would be helpful.



Hi Kate,

The process of diagnosing MS is called the McDonald Criteria. It’s complex and relies on an assessment of the number of attacks, and/or the number of lesions or/plus additional clinical evidence.

That’s a very simplified explanation of the process that involves neurologists, neuro-radiologists and a range of technicians. That’s why it can take a while before a specialist can commit to a diagnosis.

When I was waiting for a diagnosis I was always careful to say I was being investigated “for the symptoms of MS”.

Best wishes,