Forum this is how it went

Hi all. 

Well today was my LP and after taking on board all of your positive comments and well wishes it really wasn't that bad. 

I arrived and unfortunatly the Doc was running 2 hours late but to be honest with eyes like his I would have waited and waited and waited lol.

The aneasthetic was as expected just a sharp scratch and and tiny bit of stinging. 

Left that for 2 minutes to work and then proceeded with the LP needle.

I could feel it going in further and further but absolutly no pain. It did feel weird and it made my leg and hip ache for a few seconds but thats about it.

He was successful on his first attempt which was great and he said that my loosing just over a stonne definately helped which was nice to hear.

He filled up 2 bottles the size of urine sample botlles and then gently removed the needle which I could feel and felt weird but pain.

The whole proceedure took around 10 minutes if that!!

I then lay there flat on my back for an hour and because I wasnt in a hurry to get home I actually lay there for about 2 hours.I took some PropPlus caffiene tabs with me as I dont drink tea coffee or full sugar drinks....and as headache! I do feel a little bit fuzzy headed (like a tiny tiny hangover). I'm going to continue to drink plenty of water for the next 2 days (as recommended) and take the caffiene tabs. (The doc said that caffiene was definately worth taking.

SO all in all a positive experience. The worse part was lay flat on my back still for 1 hour as this played up my arthritic back pain....but I am sooooo relieved it's done and dusted and hopefully I will get some results soon.

He did say that they only take a few days to come through and that I should call the consultant to arrange my follow up appointment rather than waiting for them to contact me.

So....thank you soooo much everyone for all of your kind thoughts and best wishes!!

And for those of you awaiting really was OKAY!!! happy2

Mandymoo xx

That sounds good - so pleased it went well. Now just to wait for the results! Take it easy the next day or two x

I’m so pleased it went ok and you haven’t had the bad headache .
Well done at least you have got that out the way

Excellent news! So glad you had a positive experience and thanks for sharing :)

Midnight moon, it really really was ok! I would have another 10 rather than another MRI any day! I drank 1.5 ltr of water from a sports bottle whilst lay down and I’m sure that helped plus 2 of the Proplus tabs immediately after. Then 2 more about 4 hours later and still no headache!! They certaintly didn’t rush me out, they said to lie still flat on my back for an hour and then take my time which I did. I said I felt wobbly on my legs which I did so I lay for another hour but slightly elevated. We live 1hr 20 mins from the hospital so I think if you also have a long journey then don’t rush it. They aren’t going to kick you out if you say you need more time to adjust. I hope not anyway!! Good luck sweetie
Mandymoo x

Hi flapper

  1. Yes, I was lay flat on my back and the area where they prodded and poked was fine and still numb from the anesthetic. That was for the first hour. Because I choose to lie for a bit longer I spent another hour on my side to relieve the arthritic pain that the hard bed induced.
  2. My back aches this morning but that’s it. No headache!! Hooray!!!
    I didn’t lie down in the car, just sat up and kept drinking water. I watched England vs Sweeden last night on the sofa and I was slightly elevated for that.
  3. I took 2 caffiene tabs immediately as I lay on my back then 2 more about 3 hours later. They were only a pound from poundland. The advice sheet that they gave me when I was discharged said to drink 3 to 4 liters of fluid a day for a couple of days. Plus some other bits but the sheet isn’t to hand at the mo.
    Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandymoo, glad it went well. Mine was easy too (few years ago now) and I was dreading it and it really was a walk in the park (LOL that's pushing it a bit... anyway was easy and no pain at all).

Whilst lying flat the fire alarm went off and I was evacuated, on stretcher, onto a fire escape... on 7th floor... I couldn't stop laughing it was all so bizarre...

It's good to hear positive LP stories as so many people are frightened of them.

Have a good weekend,

Pat x

thank you for the positive feed back, I am no longer terrified! will wait for mine a little more relaxed now. good luck with the results hope you don’t have to wait to long xxxx

Oh PatB that is so funny!! :)


Thats awesome news Mandy - I'm so pleased.X


Hello Mandy,

Pleased that it went well for you and you didn't suffer any pain.



x   happy2