Low magnesium

Hello all, does anyone know if standard blood tests include a check on your magnesium levels?

I was telling a friend about some of my symptoms, pins and needles, tingling, buzzing etc. that I am waiting to see a neurologist for, and they suggested taking magnesium supplements. On googling low magnesium some common symptoms are numbness, tingling, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, constipation, muscle weakness and spasms. I’ve checked my blood tests and can’t see any reference to magnesium.

Apparently magnesium plays an important part in relaying signals from your brain and body and are linked to your nerves.

I’m going to take a small daily magnesium supplement and see if it helps, it might be worth looking into for those with some of the above issues and unsure what is causing it.

Some people with MS use a magnesium supplement as it helps with their symptoms. I get a lot of relief from cramp and spasms with magnesium chloride.



It’s strange as I’ve read so many articles and forums about MS and not once has anyone mentioned low magnesium. Strange as it seems to cause a lot of the symptoms and is directly linked to your nerves.


I just meant some symptoms people worry about also occur with low magnesium levels, like pins needles and tingling, just surprised it isn’t mentioned more like B12 is.

Ok but what I meant is some of the symptoms match those that undiagnosed people worry about, ie twitching, tingling etc

you can get magnesium oil spray which is great massaging legs/feet when cramping.

the magnesium is absorbed by the skin.

I must have been taking magnesium for about ten years and it’s great at easing problems with spasm, cramp and restless legs.