low immune system

Hi all

Given that M.S can cause your immune system to be low has anybody noticed there succeptibility to eczema/dermatitis and for the guys jock itch and extreme redness and sweating between the butt cheeks. How’s that for being straight to the point “nothing embarasses anymore”


Hi Mark. Get some Vaseline & visit the Blue Oyster bar. A Black leather Jacket & a tach is the only requirement.

They’ll sort out the itchy butt problem for sure. Police Academy Style. Citizens on patrol.

Butt seriously (pun intended). Sudocrem will sort you out. It’s used on toddlers with nappy rash & a magical dermatology cream. It helps with all kinds of rashes. Butt useless on rashers of bacon.

Terry x

Nice one Terry good crack (another pun intended) talking about rashers of bacon " as red as" i think i will try that sudocrem .

Nappy rash seems to be the obvious one.

Mark x.


I’ve had quite a lot of skin rash sort of stuff. It’s quite bad at the moment but I’ve used Aveena. It’s cheap and you can get it at Tesco’s but it’s brilliant. If you go into Paco’s Bar in Stanley Street in Liverpool, I’m sure you’ll get lots of practical advice. Some will insist on an inspection.

Try Aveena.


Yep Sudocrem is a good soothing barrier cream. Others are; Bethapen a thick barrier cream, Double Base is an emollient & it’s efficient for moisturising dry skin. E45 is a good moisturiser too. If a rash gets sore from scratching the area can get infected. So then, Betnovate is required as it contains mild but efficient steroid cream, though maybe not on your butt.

All above can be prescribed by your doc, if you have free or pre-paid scripts, even better. My legs below my knee to ankles are often affected by itching, especially with heat. I use Double Base every day, Bethapen when it’s very red. All part of MS

Whilst we’re being frank, Mark & Terry, I have the misfortune of under boobs itching & trying to discreetly scratch…well goodness knows what anyone seeing me thinks!

Good luck with the prescriptions Mark

Chrissie x

I get the “as red as” catch phrase. It’s surprising how immune problems attract germs. The Sudocrem will do the trick.

Eating some blueberries will help your digestive system. It’s good when one’s own body can fight the disease. When folks have problems they get magnified by a system that attacks itself. The aliens visit & fly around making crop circles. Especially after a few drinks. Take it easy & give the butt a break, or it will start bleeding. That’s when the problems really start.

Listen to some Anthrax.

Terry fried rice

All the above - sudocreme - and bepathanem - also to stop the itch scratch cycle try a anti-histamine. Tavegil is good one - and l have seen info on it - as it is recommended for pwms.

Rash between legs I use some sort of hydrocortisone cream it’s works like magic