Advice - skin soreness

My mum has MS and I’m her Carer. Over the last few months my mum’s skin has really become very red, sore and itchy - very itchy. She is wheelchair bound and can’t move and so sits for much of the day in a chair, of an evening she lays back in a recliner chair. My questions is - has anyone else had issues with sore, red and itchy skin, especially around super pubic catheter areas and as well the tops of legs, between legs and tummy?

Hi Callie

I’m not sure about the redness and itchiness - you’d better ask a doctor. Sounds like it could be an allergy…

Beyond that my mum has similar issues (and I’m her carer). She’s wheelchair bound and occasionally she lies down in her reclining chair to put her feet up and change position (we have a lift to lift her out of the chair). She has a few air cushions and soft rings to sit on so she doesn’t always sit on the same spot and it makes the chair more comfy. Every morning I wash her and put cream on her sore bits mostly her bum and private parts). Calendula nappy cream (I use the Weleda baby stuff, but there are others) seems to work well, also Aloe Vera Gel helps support healing if skin is damaged.

She doesn’t have a catheter… She often got infections when using one so she doesn’t…Another friend of mine with MS uses Cranberry tabs to avoid urine infections, which apparently works well, but still not sure about the itchiness… you better ask a doc or dermatologist. There could be a variety of causes (

All the best

I have ppms & to stop the uti’s my gp gave me Trimethropin low dose to take every day. No uti’s for a year now. For rashes, try barrier cream: Double Base, Bepanthen, for a painfil rectal rash try Lidocaine - it worked wonders for me.

I’d try to get her to see a gp to examine her sore rashes & keep on until the gp sorts it out.

Love Chrissie

Hi, as I also sit either in a wheelchair, or a recliner all day, with no mobility, I get itchy areas. My carer uses cavilon, which they use in hospitals as a barrier cream and sudocreme (baby`s nappy area).

Other than that, I avoid using perfumed shower gels. Sanex is good for keeping skin comfortable.


When I get itchy red skin I use Sudocrem, but only where it’s needed. The best thing I have found is stopping using dioderants & sticking to Dove soap. Perfumed soap seems to make rashes worse.

I have found by eating good fresh foods helps. Steaming green vegetables to keep in all the goodness. I think having a healthy diet improves a lot of symptoms. Fresh steamed fish with Oregano Oil. I’m hungry now. :slight_smile:

I realy do think that diet can improve skin problems & avoiding to add to the endless drugs list. Find out what is lacking in your diet for a healthy amount of Vitamins & Minerals.

Reading about meat being linked to MS is tipping me into becoming a vegetarian. I already suspected dairy. If people share what they learn I think everyone could get a lot healthier with MS & that’s what we all want.

You should probably consult doctor as it can serious issue. Red skin in MS are natural symptoms and are likely to exist in MS patient. However sore and itchy skin could be really taking a toll of your mum. So meet your doctor and use medicine for skin irritation which she is bearing.

Hi Callie,

Get the Doctor to do a home visit asap. Red, angry, sore skin, can imply inflamation and could lead to infection. If you live in the UK, its only going to get worse with all this hot weather we are going to have. Its importantant you get a correct diagnosis first. Over the counter creams etc, may make it worse. You need to be absolutely sure of what it is, before you do anything.

Just so you know though, I never used soap when I was flaking, itchy and dry. I would wash with Epaderm Emollient. Its a parafin, waxy moisteriser that really helped me get my skin back to normal. It gave me so much relief. Its beautiful to use. (no bubbles) but I was amazed how much difference it made within a week. There’s Epaderm creams and moisterisers too. Of course, this was all prescribed for me after I visited the GP. You can buy it anywhere, but it makes sense to see your Doctor first.

My father was treated with this ointment when he was very ill and struggled with terrible skin conditions. After some time, I was astounded to see and feel that his skin was the best I had ever come across. It was wonderful. It was soooo soft and smooth, and more importantly didnt flake or itch at all.

Hope your Mum gets better soon.

Almond xxx

We used conatrane (think that’s how you spell it) for areas that were prone to bed sores (backs of heels, bottom etc). Whether by luck or judgement he never had a bed sore or even came close to having one - we used to apply morning and night. Steve did have a groin rash - also due to his inactivity/warm weather. Doc had a look and gave him (in effect) nappy rash cream - cleared up ok

TRY CAVILON!!! its a god send! xx