Another one crossed off

So this morning i saw a dermatologist with regards to skin rash i suffer. (Ms specialist thought it contributed to my symptoms). Needless to say it does not. I have been given an antiseptic cream and a course of antibiotics which should clear it up. A report will be sent to ms spec stating this is not affecting or linked to my ms in anyway. On a brighter note. Im awaiting call from bupa for delivery of my rebif and rebismart pen. Personal experience views when starting out welcome

Hi, I thought your post was going to be about your bucket list!

Well I`m glad you got that sorted and hope the meds work.

luv Pollx

Good to hear :slight_smile: MrsH did a thread about her Rebif experience and a Copaxone vs Rebif thread too - they’ll have a fair bit in them of interest. The other thing to look for are various threads by LISALOU on Everyday Living. She’s been trying to pick a DMD and lots of people have written about their experiences on them. Fwiw, I like the Rebismart, the injections are very straightforward and the needles are very fine. I did used to get loads of red splodges that lasted weeks and I also suffered badly from “flu”, but these have reduced a lot now. I was unlucky with side effects as they were bad for more than a year, but paracetamol keeps them in check now and it’s been worth it as I haven’t relapsed at all (started July 2011). Ibuprofen is supposed to be better for “flu” than paracetamol and taking two with the injection and then every four hours (max 8 in 24 hours) keeps side effects in check for most people. (Some people don’t get side effects at all or only very mild ones.) How bad side effects are can depend on the dose: 44mcg tends to be worse than 22mcg. Fingers crossed it works really well for you :slight_smile: Karen x