low blood pressure

Hi, wondering if anyone has/had low blood pressure, 80/40 sitting and 60/40 standing. Docs have ruled out lack of steroid production which means that it has to be my medicines…those being tizinidine and baclofen. Have you found a way to increase your blood pressure, alternatives to the tablets, or anything else!? thanks

hi andy

i have postural hypotension so if i reach up or bend down my blood pressure plummets and i faint!

my gp says my sodium levels are low and recommends i take a spoonful of salt

needless to say, i don’t (yuck)

i havent thought of it being due to my meds

i just stand up slowly and don’t set off moving until i’m steady

if i need to pick something up from the floor i do a deep squat.

so far this has worked for me

carole x

Crickey that’s low!

Hi Andy,

I have a blood phobia and literally pass out at the sight of it (i’m a bit of a wimp), I once read in a book that when you pass out it’s because your blood pressure drops, and some scientists did experiments with the drop in pressure due to fainting and ways to combat this, you are (if you’re able) supposed to tense the muscles in your arm count to 3 and then release, you do this a few times and it increases your blood pressure to ward off the fainting. Obviously this is only a temparary solution and its impossible to do that all the time but I’ve done it when I can feel myself starting to faint and it has worked for me.

Don’t know if that info is any use to you at all but it’s all I can add I’m afraid

Take care


According to my point of view having a low BP is really dangerous, do you have any kind of deep stress?? that you are actually thinking of it, or any kind of problem and not sharing at all with your near one’s?? May I’m wrong about but I had seen some of my friends like that, so I felt that thing, ohh that’s your personal matter I should not comment on it, but as a friend I would like to suggest, that try to share all the things and problems with your near ones that will give you some relief and if talking about some meds then why don’t go for any natural treatments?? try for it, it really helps a lot that to with no side effects!!