Low blood pressure

Hi folks

I have low blood pressure, this I thought was down to me being a vegetarian for a number of years and eating a fairly low fat diet. When looking at my drugs for possible side effects i find that quite a few can cause low blood pressure and having spoken with some of my friends with MS it appears to be quite common, I wonder if any of you have low blood pressure?

Thanks for any info.

Wendy x

I used to have low blood pressure before I moved to the UK (usually about 60/90) and it used to be even lower until I stopped DMDs.

now I don’t know (I haven’t checked it for a couple of months), but I suppose it hasn’t changed much since

I heard it’s common in peope with MS too;)

Alex xx

Hello Wendy. Noticed you’ve not got an answer. All I can say is my blood pressure is low but its always been low…my daughter is the same, also my mum. It could be down to medication like you say. How low is it? My daughters was checked at her gps a few days ago…it was 95/50. Its a new gp she was registering with it took her ages to convince the nurse its the norm for her plus she’s also quite in to keep fit. Look on the bright side, they do say better to have a low blood pressure than a high one. Noreen PS; she does have to follow a gluten free diet!!

Thanks for the reply, it is better than being high but apparently can still be dangerous as it makes us dizzy at times and more prone to fainting. I have been told to get up slowly (not that I can do anything else these days). Not sure how low mine is but not bad according to Neuro physio who gave me a medical.

Wendy x

Yes your right wendy!! in the past my daughter has been admitted to hospital for this. Her life circumstances at the time was not good. I too get dizzy a lot and problems with balance. I too have to be careful about not getting up too fast…not that I can anymore Lol.

same here, when I get up too fast I always get really dizzy and I need to wait a few seconds to get back to normal.

however, in my case low blood pressure is definitely not a hereditary thing, because both of my parents have hypertension

Alex xx

I can’t look up without feeling sick, then have to lie down, I think this is more MS related as it’s happened since I had an attack of virtigo but who knows!

Wendy x

I have been having my blood pressure taken every four weeks for more than two years, when I go to have my Tysabri infusion. Sometimes it has been as low as 90/63 and I think the highest it ever got to was 112/70. I’ve never had any dizzy spells or felt lightheaded and the medical staff at the hospital where I go are suprememly unconcerned about it, “normal for you” they tell me.