Blood pressure

Hi , I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with their blood pressure . I have been having episodes of very low BP 85/45 causing dizziness and fainting , extreme fatigue and difficulty with mobility , then very high blood pressure 175 /135 causing headaches . I have seen my neurologist and have had MRI and am awaiting tilt table test , I have been waiting for this since March and been told that I should get an appointment soon . In the meantime I can’t have anything for the high BP as I am having low BP as well . I have a follow up appointment with my neurologist in November .

They may not put you on blood pressure tablets as to have low blood pressure too. But I get low blood pressure I had high blood pressure and was given tablets but after a while they lowered it down and then stopped it. Do you get anxious as that can play havoc with your blood pressure, one thing that I do is when I stand up I don’t do it quickly and stay standing until it sorts its it out. Have you lost a lot of weight as that happened to me. Kay