Low Heart rate and dizziness

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has suffered from intermittent dizziness and a low resting pulse of between 40-50. I am not on any medication for my MS as I know some people have mentioned something like this related to steroids.

I have been to my GP who tells me it isnt something he is too worried about as when i saw him everything was fine (of course) and it seemed to be reducing.

When it happens it is not impacting my ay too much and I am have not passed out. But if I new it was MS related i could get on with things. At the minute im a bit in limbo so it is playing on my mind incase if it is something else.

Thanks for any help you can give.


My pulse has always been about 45 and my GP was kind enough to call it ‘athletically slow’ so happy enough with that. Is your blood pressure low, because that can cause dizziness.

my heart rate isnt always low, only when this is happening. my heart rate is generally at about 70 its hte change and the symptoms that are worrying