Lovely lunch, then......

After 2 glasses of wine got up to use loo with help of son, fell over and seemed like all pub roared with laughter.This is b******s. Ive never even been ill. Why have we got this friggin disease? Really hate this, will someone find a friggin cure please or show me a painless way out? Sorry to upset anyone

hi anon

let it out-rant away. i am not upset re ur post. my friends funeral tomorrow and cant go-it took me 3 hrs to dress today and i cant move the length of myself… tomorrows a new day and all that…i reckon there isnt a painless way out-someone will always be gutted if you werent in their life. i guess u mean painless for you but think of those who love you eh?

take care

ellie x


Well a painless way out is not the way to go, for them to find a cure they will need us alive and waiting.

But i get this people assume your drunk because you stumble, i seem to be fine 99% of the time. Its just when someone is watching i have a ms moment.

I wasn’t upset we all get angry and need a good venting time to time.

Their are people looking for a cure or atleast something to help us, just look at the ms society and their research projects. Plenty going on their and the private companys are still looking. Don’t give up. we just never know what is around the corner.