Lovely day for a bike ride

We’ve just got back from delamere forest . Lee’s bought a new bike and we wanted to test it out. The trees are lovely and it’s still mild weather. Frazer had a lovely time running around he was happy to have some freedom . The salsa mini is probably not the best wheelchair for the terrain but I managed to keep up and then we went for a hot chocolate in the cafe. Michelle and Frazer xx


Sounds lovely Michelle! Today it’s raining and misty here!

take care,

Nina xx

I love Delamere Forest.

If only there had been mountain bikes when I could ride.

In a frenzy of the frenetic fitness drive, I would cycle from Wallasey to Froddy. My first pupil was at the highest house, with the rest being progressively downhill-as was my energy. Just for fun I would finish in Carriage Drive. Just to remind me what a hill was.

Steve x woof.

Hi Michelle

Sounds like you all had a great time, so pleased for you all.

Drizzle here today, but tomorrow is meant to be better.

Pam x

Thanks I knew Steve would know Delamere forest . We’ve been having a decluttet all this week, trying to make our lives simpler and we were going to get rid of our 8 birth tent that we’d had for many camping holidays with the children but after going to Delamere forest I didn’t feel ready to part with it yet. It’s funny the tug of war between my adventurous spirit and my disabled body. “I can still do it” my mind shouts …but sadly my body isn’t up to many things. Michelle and Frazer xx

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