Lost Password

My parther cant remember her password to this site.Shes sent a reset password but its takin ages for it to work.Do you know how long it takes till she can reset her password?

You can remember yours though… Pity. We’re all in the same boat here, you are the only one begging for money.lol shame on you.

I did deserve that and any other negative comment.I agree too shame on me.Im really sorry what else can I do to make it up to you.My parther will be coming on here too to put into words to whats happening for us.Maybe without thinkin or knowing I went over the top a bit.Im really extremely sorry guys and gals.

Maybe you should just let your partner post on here, you could always go on the the carers forum, dont think it’ll go down well begging for money on there either. What really annoyed me about your post was when you said we should feel guilty about enjoying our christmas day while your daughter opened the same old toys wrapped in newspaper. That was really low. You know nothing about our situations, and there are people on theses sites who are ill, just like your girlfriend. Remember what this site is for…people with MS.

Ok I will do that then and yes I completely agree with you Im sorry can we just leave it like that and yes I deserve any negative comment you give me too but when will it stop.

have a happy christmas and new year. Hope you take the advice offered. Remember gifts don’t have to be about spending money on presents. You can give gifts of kindness in just spending time and caring. Your daughters at a lovely age where she would probably enjoy you sharing your time with her and playing. They don’t ask for much at that age. Best wishes to your girl friend and hope she feels better soon . By asking for money you have sounded like you’re trying to scam us. Everyone on this site has helped me so much and they’re advice is good. If your girlfriend is struggling with ms this is a brilliant forum for advice and its always helped me by knowing what ever symptom I have the people on here understand and I always feel that they care too.

Please anon, don’t start this off again. I come on here to chill out, ask for help and hopefully help people in return.

Lets move on now.

The situation was dealt with as soon as the mask finally slipped and the terms & conditions got shredded. We are no longer treated to regular postings and suspect that’s the end of the matter. Time to move on methinks.

I would be grateful if this thread was deleted! For those who are interested where we live- Norfolk in the East of ENGLAND lol =-O

I agree its time to move on and to start fresh people.We all have something in common MS instead of beating each other verbally lets beat MS Together.So my name is Danny Im a MS carer for my partner Tammy who has serve MS and she is only late 20s.How do you cope with MS?

Anon Time to move on mate everyond agree? Cant we be friends now :slight_smile: lol no Im english you need to get your facts right lol dont know what happened there when I tryed to quote lol