Loss of Taste and Smell

I was reading an article (not MS related) about people who experience a loss of taste and smell - anosmia, as it is called. Apparently it deprives people of the of the pleasure of eating and drinking and anosmics often descend into depression. As many as 1 in 20 people can be affected at some time. I was wondering if this affect on appetite caused them to lose weight and if so; whether pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs to temporarily diminish taste and smell to help people eat less - you can tell I’m rather desperate to find a way to control my own eating problem! Anyway, some of you on here must have experienced this nasty condition as a result of MS, so I am curious to find out whether it prompted significant weight loss (sorry if it seems in poor taste to ask about it, pun not intended), or whether any body has taken a dietary medication with this intended effect.