Loss of cognitive ability

I’m in limbo waiting for a diagnosis. Today has been a bad day, dropping things more than normal, moving words up and exhaustion. I’ve just gone to make a cup of tea only to find when I poured the water out that I had boiled the tea bag in the kettle. Ye I laughed to start with for being so silly but now I’m really scared, what in earths happening to my brain?

hi ang

laughing at myself has become a way of life.

it’s ok to laugh.

your brain is being impacted by something going on in your physical body.

talk to your doctor who may be able to help.

if it’s any consolation my brain went weird after the birth of my first baby.

went in the greengrocers and asked for one of those round green things that doesnt need cooking (lettuce)!

it’s technical term is “baby brain”!!

if it is ms you’ll get used to weirdness, honest, it means i’m still alive!

carole x

Thanks Carole

i have been laughing since this started as I can’t quite believe what has been happening but it’s still hard at times. I’ve been off work for the last 3 weeks because I couldn’t cope with the symptoms at work. I see the neurologist tonight and I’m keen to get back to work asap but I also worry as I work in the emergency services in a control room so mixing things up could be crucial. That’s really frightening me at the moment.