My head is a fog!!!

Is this part of MS or just me being worried and stressed at the mo....

I have not been diagnosed but have been told I have a high chance as mri showed lesions on brain and spine. I was told last week and am in such a mess at mo I might as well have been diagnosed!!! I just keep crying and am meant to be out with friends tonight but can't bear to be with other (happy) people.

I just can't think straight, I make silly mistakes!! and cant remember anything. I dont know why and if it is  MS will I always be like this or can they give you something for it?. I am treasurer for our PTA and I couldn't count coins yesterday, I had to re-count it so many times, I just kept forgetting and making mistakes! I also have made a few mistakes at work and dont know if its stress or truely whats going on in my head?

You are going through a whole load of turmoil at the moment - thinking straight and wanting to socialise normally while all that's going on would be pretty abnormal! Same goes for being all cool, calm and collected emotionally. Anything other than being a bit of a mess would be plain weird!


MS can cause cognitive difficulties: sometimes as part of a relapse and sometimes permanently. Quite a lot of the problems we have are linked more with fatigue - when we're knackered (which, let's face it, is a lot of the time!), we don't think so straight. Add stress, and counting out coins might temporarily become as hard as sitting an A-level Maths exam.


Hopefully things will improve once you've got your diagnosis sorted and you're are getting the rights meds & support, but if you find you're still having problems, ask to see a neuropsychologist - they're the experts and may well be able to help you.


I bet you find things get better though!

Karen x

Hi Vicky and ((((((hugs))))))

From my experience how you're feeling at the moment is perfectly natural. The worry and stress alone is enough to send anyone into a spin scared2

Right now, do what you want to do - if you don't feel up to socialising then don't, stay home and do something you enjoy doing, something that you know will help relax you and take your mind off things for a while. Look after you.  

Cognitive issues affect me and some days are definitely worse than others. Being completely and utterly knackered (which I am the vast majority of time) makes me worse, as does stress and at the moment work is a struggle too. Even under normal circumstances my job is very stressful - unfortunately this time of year is even worse.

I don't know what you do for a living but there are always little things that you can put into place to help you at work. If like me you forget things and get confused then use everything at your disposal - post it notes, diaries, calendars, make lists for yourself and prioritise your workload. Anything that will help. A large part of my day is working with figures and client funds, hopping from one task to another and (lol) planning ahead so anything that could make my day a little easier - I try out. Every little helps as they say. I do the same at home too.

Once you have a firm diagnosis that alone will take some of the pressure off partly because you'll at least then know what you're dealing with, at the moment it's an uncertainty which I think is far far worse confused 

You have a lot on your plate so go easy on yourself. If your symptoms are proving really troublesome then speak with your neuro, even without a dx he may be able to prescribe meds to help.

Debbie xx


Thankyou everyone. I am going to GP on Monday with a bit of a list!!! I think I might ask for some help emotionally, ie counselling. I just am on the verge of tears constantly and it means I avoid talking to people, which makes me feel more upset and excluded.

I hate all this.

Do ask for counselling - it can be a BIG help!