Loss of appetite

Is loss of appetite common, also do you think is caused by the desease or a Psychological Aberration 

Also is it common to interpret funny fealing as being part of this when they are not ?

I get loss of appetite and it comes and goes with my rrms.  my weight is up and down also.  I have no idea what the cause is though - sorry!


Hi Zidder!

I'm afraid I have no idea on this one xxx

Unfortunately I have NEVER lost my appetite in my whole life!! Even after an op to remove a lump from my sinus left me with a mouth full of stitches I was still managing to push food though a gap! xxxxjenxxxx


That made me laugh Jenhappy

My tongue keeps going numb and that makes me lose my appetite because I just can't taste it. I do tend to make up for it when I can taste again though!