Loss conciousness and woke up wet

I had a few episodes of head dropping down which I can’t recall. I have woken up a few moments ago to find I had wet myself. Family member told me my head was dropping back and forth and then I passed out for over 90 minutes. Should I attend A&E or see how things are overnight?

Crikey! Passed out? And your relative left you like that without getting help?

Are you sure you didn’t fall asleep?

If not, I would definately seek medical advice. You could ring the out of hours GP service or NHS direct, but I wouldn’t leave it till morning, it could be serious.

Please, let us know how you get on xx

Hi Anon,

I agree, get help asap.



Yes I would go to A&E if this has never happened before. The fact you woke up wet unless you are normally incontinent and have a tendency to fall asleep (which can happen- I speak from experience) you need to be assesed. Try not to worry and let us know. x

Hello there,and hopefully you’ll get a clue about what to do.If this is something new then I know that it’s a bit scary.If you’ve got family around my first notion is for them to help you where you are,for somebody to be around tonight to keep an eye on you.A few phone calls to MS Nurse,GP et al tomorrow might shed some light.

Getting to A+E would be a struggle which could make things worse.If you have ‘An out of hours Service’, they should give advice, and if they reckon a flying visit is worthwhile,then Go for it. The attitude of A+E might be,“what are we supposed to do,there are no spare beds,and the place is full of Noro nasty virus”.

Good luck,


I want to thank everybody for encouraging me to seek advice. It went well and I should hopefully be seen by a neurologist with in three weeks. I need to be investigated for ?seizures and ?epilepsy. My mother is not aware of neurological symptoms, she didn’t want to wake up me interrupting my sleep. She now knows when these attacks happen with arm jerking 999 is the number to dial. Thanks again everybody. I will keep you guys updated.