Hello all

I was recently diagnosed after months of tests. I’ve been having a relapse over the last two weeks and as I always find my GP and the hospital have been no less than amazing. I know that bladder and bowel can be a problem and certainly recently I’ve not had these symptoms - but my GP said something that made me wonder.

He asked me on the phone and in person whether my “waterworks were ok”. Which they are fortunately. But he said if that should change go straight to A&E.

So - have I missed something? I assumed bladder and bowel problems could be part of a relapse but why A&E specifically for that? Does it suggest there are more complications that need urgent treatment of that is the case? I’m only wondering but did have these symptoms years before I was diagnosed and just dealt with it myself.

Many thanks


Personally (I am a diagnosed person), I wouldn’t go to A&E unless I couldn’t pass water at all - which is a medical emergency.

For a long time, I’ve had to concentrate hard to “go”, and I think it’s getting a little worse lately, but I’ve never thought of going to A&E about it unless I couldn’t go full stop (same applies to No. 2s).

I think as long as you are still going, A&E wouldn’t want to know. If it gets bad, but not that bad, a continence nurse would be a better bet.

I’ve only ever been to A&E once - which was nothing to do with MS. Although the staff individually were all kind, the overall experience was so horrible that I’d never, ever go again, unless it was absolutely unavoidable. If it’s anything that can wait 'til tomorrow, and the doctor’s, I’d certainly rather do that.

Like you, I’ve had most of these symptoms for years. Never been to A&E about any of them, and certainly not dropped dead yet!


Brilliant Tina thank you. I had never planned on going for that sort of relapse but wondered why that was his suggestion. I guess there’s probably nothing wrong with waiting to see a GP or MS nurse if necessary.

My gp said the same. I think it’s quite serious if you start having a lot of problems, or at least can be. A and e should (I say should) then investigate to make sure nothing sinister going on. From personal experience I got told to go home and wait for my neuro appointment so I won’t ever rush back again!!

When my GP referred me to the physios at the start of my journey in all of this and they spoke to me on the phone on the Friday, they gave me an emergency apt for first thing Monday but said if I had had any bladder problems over the weekend to go straight to A&E. So, a similar scenario. I had mentioned a slight hesitancy problem which I still have occasionally but ( touch wood ), it has never worsened and I would also only go to A&E in a dire emergency.

Assume you dont have other issues like a stone in the ureter. A UTI can be much more serious in this situation if it reaches the stone as it can prevent the antibiotic from clearing it. Was given similar advice when I had an unpassed stone.